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Human Molecular Genetics. (n.d.). Retrieved March 18, 2016, from

This source gave very good scientific research pertaining to the problems
with obesity. It gave specific biological factors that influence genes for obesity. It is a
rather difficult read but is one that is very necessary to the question if obesity is
genetics because of the quality of research done. It talks about how obesity is a
highly inheritable trait that can be passed down, showing that genetics plays a
factor in obesity.
This is a high quality source; the information is exactly what is needed to
answer the question if genetics plays a part in obesity. It is from a scientific journal
that was recently published so it is also a current article. This article is meant for
scholarly work with the purpose of educating only, eliminating almost all bias. This
is a journal with high credentials and will surely be used in the future.
Genes Are Not Destiny. (2012). Retrieved March 18, 2016, from
This source is one that gives information about the world around us and how
it promotes obesity itself. Not only does it show that genes are there to promote
obesity, there are other factors that influence whether or not someone has obesity.
It still uses scientific data and research, such things as mutations of genes that can
cause obesity. The sources main point is that whether not you have the genes for
obesity you can still conquer it with good habits.
The credentials of this source seem to be very high, there was no publisher
listed but it was listed on a Harvard site that specializes in health. There were
studies conducted and shown on this source since 2014 so it is a very current
article. There might be a small amount of bias in this only because it seems to be
geared more to the public instead of just educating on a scientific basis.
Genetics plays a role in obesity. (n.d.). Retrieved March 18, 2016, from
In this article, they explain how genetics does influence the presence of
obesity in people. It is a rather small article and doesnt contain much scientific
research. It talks about how obesity could be caused by genetic mutations that can
alter your phenotype. Overall it says that genetic factors plays a role but so do

environmental factors such as society and what we perceive to be good nutritional

Using this article in research would not be a good idea. It doesnt contain any
distinguished credential properties nor any publishers. It lacks length and
appropriate material that should be included to come to an answer or support an
answer. It is on a school website, thus adding a small amount of bias to it as well.
The only good thing it has is the fact that it is on a school website. It is not a very
distinguished school though. This site is made more for the public and not for
scholarly work, it shouldnt be trusted do to research.
Obesity: Lifestyle or genetics? (n.d.). Retrieved March 21, 2016, from
http://www.bodyandsoul.com.au/health/health news/obesity lifestyle or
This article appeals to many people in the public especially women. The
summary includes information that is not science related, more society related and
it doesnt include any types or research or data. Her opinions on the subject matter
are still important but lack research quality material. The author talks about how
someone becomes obese from a genetic and environmental point of view but does
not include information straight from research. She also describes that in order to
stay healthy it is a life style, not something that you can take lightly.
Overall this article is not for scholarly work, it has a lot of bias geared toward
women in specific but also products that can be sold to fix being fat. It lacks
authority in most ways, the only credentials that are in the source are a professional
in the field, and the author only quoted her. Although it may answer the question, it
is not answered in an appropriate manner to be successful in the academic world.
Obesity: When Is It Genetic? (n.d.). Retrieved March 18, 2016, from
This article is different than the others, it believes that people put too much
emphasis on genetics and not enough on factors such as food habits and exercise
habits. They state that obesity is mainly caused from these factors and not from
genes. They do agree, however, that genes play a part in the process and can
promote obesity but our overall habits is what defines us. There wasnt any research
to back up what they were saying but they gave information about fixing the
problems of obesity.
Although the information was of decent quality, putting this in scholarly work
may not be best. All of the information is up to date, but it doesnt mean that it is
accurate. There isnt a publisher on this source so it lacks credentials in that

fashion. There are also ads all over the panels of the site so it makes me think that
there is some amount of bias towards selling a product or influencing you in some
Choquet, H., & Meyre, D. (2011). Genetics of Obesity: What have we Learned?
CG Current Genomics, 12(3), 169-179.
This source contains a lot of information about scientific research pertaining
to our human genome. They propose that our genes have a predisposing factor on
us but so do environmental factors. There are a lot of factors that are influential on
our body, they even include energy factors. It is almost in a narrative format, it
speaks about a topic very in depth. Lifestyle options are a way that they suggest
keeping obesity to a minimum.
Because this source is coming from a scientific journal, it has much more
credentials than most other websites. It is a recent article so the currency of the
subject if perfect, this is definitely scholarly work. The journals name is called NCBI,
everything is up to date and all the links work, showing that this is still an active
accurate journal article still. This is a great source to use in research because of the
structure and authority behind it.
Devlin, H. (2015). 'Obesity genes' help determine size and shape, studies
find. Retrieved March 21, 2016, from
This seems to be a newspaper article that contains information based around
the idea that obesity is mainly genetic and not many environmental factors play a
part. It is a good source for getting statistics to obesity but because the source is
questionable that makes their data vulnerable to flaw. They propose that the higher
the gene variance is, the more potential you are to obesity and other diseases. They
would also describe it in a evolutionary component, meaning just recently have we
had this availability to food like this.
The authority of this source is questionable, it appears to be a news site that
has a predominate place in public meaning a lot of people see their information.
Taking general information from this source would be the best thing about it, citing
their research and data may not be the best considering it doesnt come from a
journal. Although this site doesnt have the greatest credentials, it is still one that
could be used for research. Double checking all the states might be a good way to
confirm this source.

Obesity: Genetic or environmental? (n.d.). Retrieved March 21, 2016, from

This sources information doesnt seem to be correct, they seem to have a
very small amount of information and it only speaks about environmental factors.
Only touching on the statistics of obesity and how common it is. Obesity
intervention is a large section of their information. They bring up that you cant
control your genes but you can control some of your habits that can cause you
obese. Defining obesity as just a person that has too high of body fat is the basis of
their purpose.
This is not a source that would be sufficient for scholarly work. There is no
author or publisher, random information is all that is given on this cite. This would
be a good source for someone to look at an elementary level, the information is
very basic and doesnt go into detail. Although this article is small, the cite
containing it seems to be a large popular source for scientific news. There was no
publisher or author given so it takes away some of the credentials of this source. If
there was a way to contact someone, it would be helpful to understand where they
got their information. It was published in 2011 so it is 5 years old, in this industry
information can change within that time period.
Genetic mutation causes obesity. (n.d.). Retrieved March 21, 2016, from
This is a small part of the research done at Cambridge University. They
explain how they did a test with mice with genetic factors to make it obese, even
given normal food supplies the mice still went obese. Showing overall how
important genes play a factor in obesity. They bring up certain genes that cause
obesity and where they are located. A specific protein is the center of all their
discussion and how it relates to us physically.
This article is somewhat short but is most likely a portion of a larger project.
This project was done at Cambridge University thus giving it authority to use in
scholarly work. The information is good but it doesnt have enough of it. Getting the
full source would be the most effective way to utilize this source for research. The
authors name was Professor Farooqis, there is no information to contact him
directly but you can contact the department that he works at. Overall it is a good
source to use because of the credentials and information given in the text.

Blaszczak, B. A. (2015). Why Some Women Lose More Weight from Exercise.
Retrieved March 21, 2016, from http://www.livescience.com/50680-obesity-genesweak-exercise-benefit.html
This article is interesting in the way that it is on a newspaper article for
science. It doesnt speak directly about the causes of obesity but it talks about how
some women are able to loose wait faster than others. They then relate that back to
their genes. Their main purpose is to suggest exercise and diet as the best way to
counteract obesity. They gave some stats about women that have obesity genes vs
others, the ones without the genes lost more weight faster.
Overall this is a newspaper that should be taken lighter than a research
article. Some of the information doesnt have any research or credentials behind it
and some has professionals included. The website itself has credentials though, it is
a popular scientific paper that releases information on a daily basis, and all the
information is up to date. When working on a topic like this, this article would be
useful to gain basic knowledge of obesity at a high education level, possibly high
school or college.