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Implementing Effective, Responsive Instruction and Assessment:

Creating a Test
Exam questions (Use your best judgement)
1. What is American Federation of Teachers (AFT) and when was it
a. A yearly teachers conference that helps to bridge old and
new ideas of teaching; 1989.
b. State founded law firm that represents all public school
employees; 1964.
c. An International union representing teachers and other
school personnel; 1916.
d. A group dedicated to building social and professional
connections for teachers; 2001
Answer C
PG 10, Level Easy, Blooms; Remember
2. What are some ways teachers can help support cultural
a. Have students all practice the same learning theory in the
b. Encourage bilingual families to use their native language
at home.
c. Encourage families to work closely with teachers help
complement learning strategies.
d. Ask parents to only speak English to their school age
e. Both B and C
Answer E
PG 11, Level Medium; Apply
3. What could be signs of teacher burnout?
a. Feelings of depression and lack of interest in going to
b. Leaving students alone in the classroom.
c. Not preforming required staff tasks.
d. Yelling at students.
Answer A

PG 24, Level Easy; Remember

4. What is not a benefit of lifelong learning for teachers?
a. Greater financial incentives for teachers.
b. Meeting new and interesting people.
c. Increases wisdom.
d. Helps us adapt to change.
Answer B
PG 30, Level Medium; Applying
5. What were dame schools?
a. Schools for unmarried women and girls
b. Early boarding schools in England
c. Early Colonial schools for high school age boys
d. Informal Day Care for children 6-8 years of age
Answer D
PG 34, Level Easy; Remember
6. What did the New England Primer often include?
a. Church teachings, scripture, catechisms
b. French poetry, scripture, mathematics
c. Catechisms, Church teachings, mathematics
d. Church teaching, scripture, French poetry
Answer A
PG 34, Level Easy; Remember
7. Why might breaking down gender stereotypes be important?
a. Its not important
b. Women are inherently poorer instructors then men
c. Women were once seen only suited to teach young
d. Likelihood of more equal percent of both men and women
in the teaching profession.
e. Both C and D
Answer E
PG 40, Level Medium; Understand
8. Belief that the education of children should develop from their
interests and experiences.

a. Socio Cultural
b. Behaviorism
c. Cognitivism
d. Progressivism
Answer D
PG 42, Level Easy, Remember
9. "Students learn best not by sitting in a closed room but by
opening the doors and windows of experience to the world
around us." This quote reflects the tenets of
a. Progressivism
b. Behaviorism
c. Perennialism
d. .Essentialism
Answer A
PG 43, Level Easy; Remember
10. The recent push for standardized testing in schools is
supported by advocates of
a. Progressivism
b. Behaviorism
c. Perennialism
d. .Essentialism
Answer B
PG 42, Level Easy; Remember