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Alex Ford

Philosophy 1000
Professor Izrailevsky
3 Strengths 3 Weaknesses of the Buddhistic Philosophy
1. The Buddha gave up his prior life with his family and stable
income to find the meaning of his existence. He had everything
most people in the western culture would ever want instating
that a noble truth of life is contention through fighting
adversities. He turned from spoiled to a God on the flip of a
2. Committing a life to becoming a boddisatva and gaining total self
control seems to be a life lacking in the experience of seeing the
world and every angle of its breathtaking facets.
3. Observing that this life is bound by your mortal human body
(ajiva) as a limitation is in itself limiting.
1. Seeing that The Buddha was a mortal (known as Siddhartha
Gautamal) inspires those whom are still living to strive to be the
best individual that they can be. Enlightened, a god.
2. Buddhism shares that people must lead a life with struggle and
to overcome those adversities. Following a life of set rules
striving to be stronger than you were when you started.
3. Friendship is highlighted as a greater treasure than any physical
thing found on Earth. Teaching what you give is what you
receive departs a powerful message that is universal. An
ideology aiming to be better through kindness is a true virtue.