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Alex Ford

Music 1040
Concert Report #2
Studio band Concert Friday, March 6, Multi-purpose room
My eyes by The Vs Alt. Folk
The main melody of this tune stayed consistent and close with many conjunct lines in
descending order. The second verse was more spread out, with larger more disjunct jumps
adding ascending contrast.
Rhythmic variety was shown through syncopation in the main melodies. The singing
provided more of a rapid beat though the simple (4/4) meter
Minor harmonies were accented as the main line provided dissonance to a minor and
major changing piece. Though a majority of the song was in a minor key the second verse
was major in an intense contrast and emphasis of mood change.
My eyes is in verse and chorus form. Two verses and one chorus, repeated thrice.
There were few variations of texture found in this piece. Considering this group is a rock
band a rather thick, non-transparent texture is anticipated but this band the Vs actually
displayed prowess in texture changes. Mainly consisting of just homophony there were
some moments in the chorus that had homorhythm for powerful hit points.
The song expresses a slow and flowing style only folk genre can produce. With dynamics
rising in the chorus emphasizing excitement then quieting at the verses.
The Vs consists of an electric and acoustic guitar, bass, drum set, piano, electric piano,
and lead vocals with some added backup percussion such as the bass drum, gong, and
congas. This blend of acoustic and electric instrument timbre makes this band not just
folk but also alternative.
My eyes is a very emotionally deep and soulful piece that brings the analogy walk a
day in my shoes, into a expressive masterpiece of mixed anger and liberation. Through
flowing melodies and strong rhythmic hits in the chorus there is mixture of addressing a
difficult situation and moving through it.

Alex Ford
Music 1040
Concert Report #2
Lets talk by Money Mike and The Hunerd Dollar Bills contemporary ragtime jazz
This melody displayed mostly conjunct movements in the verses throughout. The range
increases with the chorus from medium to large range as the chorus introduces disjunct
jumps of descending arpeggios.
The rhythm stayed in a syncopated swung (4/4) meter with stressed beats on 2 and 4 as
the ride cymbal to the drums drove the swing beat.
This piece had many complex harmonies since many rich jazz chords were
implemented. With dissonance that increased as the song became increasingly less
transparent. The ragtime syncopations had the more dissonant jazz chords at the solo
improvisation sections inspiring more deep bluesy color from the improv. More
transparent at the begging while adding more texture throughout to the end.
This piece is a verse chorus form with well placed pre-chorus buildups, two part verses,
and improvisation sections this is a well put together piece made by the bands pianist
The texture that kept coming up was homophony. At the end improvisation during the
mainline displayed polyphony, which is rarely heard in modern pieces. Monophony left
the singer/pianist to sing solo for a brief time in the chorus. Many hit points also made the
band play all on the same beats providing homorhythm completing every texture form
discussed in class! It progressed from very transparent at the beginning and evolved to
very thick instrumentation.
The expression was a slow and relaxed swing chart that quickly went to fast pace
ragtime. As said before in texture the song became louder and thicker at the end engaging
listeners to bob their heads to the strong 2 and 4 beats.
There were many different instruments with unique timbres that create the unique sound
of jazz. With a wind section of trumpet, tenor saxophone, and trombone came chord hits.
The rhythm section consisted of two guitars, a bass, piano, and drum set. All thats left is
the singer and backup singer with smooth close harmonies to set the jazz feel.
Lets talk is a song about establishing the relationship (ETR) it highlights that
communication is key to having a healthy relationship. Its a simple, relaxing yet jiving
song that is very easy to listen to. Well made, well played, and well placed.