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Fern Hill Elementary


915 Lincoln Avenue

West Chester, PA 19380
January 3,2016
To Whom It May Concern,
It is my distinct honor to have been asked to write a letter of recommendation for Miss Sherri Boisselle.
Miss Boisselle joined my second grade classroom in August oftbis school year, 2015-2016, as a preservice teacher.
From the moment she began her work in my classroom, it was evident that Miss Boisselle was much more than a
preservice teacher. Having been part of previous classrooms and through her previous work experiences, it was
clear that tbis was not solely a career path for Miss Boisselle, but a calling. Quickly developing a rapport with my
students, Miss Boisselle developed her own style of highly effective classroom management skills. As she gained
her knowledge of the students, she immediately began working with them in all areas of our academic day. Miss
Boisselle would work with individuals needing more individualized instruction, small groups and the whole class as
well. Having become comfortable teaching across the curriculum, Miss Boisselle rapidly joined the team as we
worked through the PLC process and worked to co-plan various lessons across the grade level. Miss Boisselle
became much more than a preservice teacher, she became a co-teacher in the classroom. Rarely has it ever been my
experience to find a preservice teacher that has been able to ebb and flow within the classroom with their
cooperating teacher as she was able to with our second grade students. By the middle of September, Miss Boisselle
and I were working together to consult curricular maps and plan our instruction for the week. Her knowledge of the
curricular resources was exemplary.
Tragically, the last week of September, my mother passed away and I needed to leave the classroom for the
next four days. Miss Boisselle swiftly took it upon herself, to plan, work with my grade level colleagues, and
become the glue that held the classroom together for the next four days until my return. During my absence, Miss
Boisselle planned and taught all the lessons in the classroom for the days of my absence. Although a substitute was
there, Miss Boisselle was the liaison who maintained the structure that has already been established and curricular
standards that we had worked so hard to put in place during those first few weeks of the school year. As I returned
on that Friday, I was in awe of the work that had been completed and the time well spent on the plans that she had
consulted with and co-planned with the advice of my team. She is an extremely confident and capable young lady,
but sought the counsel of those around her when needed. Miss Boisselle is mature beyond her years, possessing
skills, knowledge and abilities beyond any preservice teacher I have ever had the pleasure of working with during
my years as a cooperating teacher. Her skills are varied, versatile and in depth. She brought a variety of engaging
and interactive lessons to the classroom. Miss Boisselle has a strong technology background and utilized that
throughout her time at Fern Hill. She is a compassionate, kind and caring teacher the students and has great passion
for her craft. It is true that some educators are not taught, but are born to teach. She is indeed a rare find when
teachers with real passion are in desperate need in our classrooms today.
There is much more to be said about Miss Boisselle, and I am more than happy to speak with you about
her. Please know that any district, fortunate enough to have gained her in their employ, will have gained a true gift
in this rare young teacher.
As I write in recommendation of her, I would indeed give her my highest
recommendation going as far to say that any district thinking they will find another candidate of her quality will
search for some time to fmd the qualities she possesses, as I know it will be a long time before I am able to meet
another preservice teacher of her caliber or again. Please do not hesitate to contact me as 610-316-2025 (cell) or
484-266-1600 (school) or 610-524-1151(home) or via email atsdzielawa@wcasd.net.

Shawn M. Dzielawa

Second Grade Teacher

Fern Hill Elementary School