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Term Project Paper

Kaitlin Hofer
Ever since I was a young girl I have had the dream of becoming a
teacher. To me, this is one of the greatest professions that an individual
can have in this society. Throughout my life, there have been many
teachers that I have either had personally, or just knew that influenced
this dream and have helped me find my passion for teaching.
When you think about a teacher you probably think about an
individual that we send our children to for 6 hours a day to get their
education. But do you really know what goes on in a teachers life?
Teachers hold so much responsibility within their profession and unless
you are a teacher yourself you cant truly understand how much they
do from day-to-day. Every day teachers are required to create and
present lesson plans on several subjects that they have planned to
teach that day. These lesson plans have to correspond to the
requirements found in the local curriculum and need to be adjusted if
they dont. Teachers then are required to test their students every so
often to ensure that what they are teaching is being understood. This
makes up the foundation of a teachers job description but doesnt
account for all that teachers do aside from that.
Teachers are also responsible for caring for the physical and
emotional needs of each of their students. Sometimes they have to be
a counselor, a nurse, a parent, or even a friend. They are constantly

faced with new challenges and have to discover how they as a teacher
can step in and help. Teachers also have to work hand in hand with
colleagues and parents to ensure that their students are successful
and that they continue their learning beyond the school hours. Work
extends far beyond the regular school hours for teachers as well. When
they get home they begin planning for the next day or they grade
assignments from the day previous. Work never seems to cease but
they do it all to help prepare our youth for their futures. The Huffington
Post stated this perfectly in an article titled, What is a Teacher? They
said the following; A teacher can never leave their work at the office.
A teachers day does not end when the buses pull out. A teacher builds
relationships and teaches the students to build relationships. A teacher
teaches students, not a subject matter. A teacher never ever gives up
(Walizer, What is a teacher?). This article beautifully depicts the role
of a teacher and helps shed light on just how important they are in our
Because teachers hold so many responsibilities its important to
know that not just anyone can be a teacher. It requires a lot of
preparation and experience. Most individuals who have a desire to
teach complete the Bachelors program in education. Individuals who
plan on becoming secondary school teachers are required to major in
the subject that they plan on teaching. While obtaining a Bachelors
degree individuals spend a lot of time in a local classroom observing

and student teaching. This ensures that they get all the practice and
experience they can get before obtaining their own classroom. Just like
any other profession, practice makes perfect. Along with completing a
degree, individuals are required to become licensed within the state in
which they live.
Licensure is defined as, the process by which a state evaluates
the credentials of prospective teachers and certifies that they
understand subject-area content, possess professional knowledge and
skills, and are morally fit to work with young children (Kauchak, 429).
Just as I stated earlier that not just anyone can be a teacher its equally
as true that not just anyone should be a teacher. We want the best of
teachers for our youth and these programs can ensure that. There are
two types of licensure, these types include: traditional and alternative.
Traditional goes hand in hand with a Bachelors degree and is obtained
at the end of receiving a degree. Whereas with the alternative, you
participate in a shorter course that is completed in a quicker amount of
time. This is a beneficial option for individuals who either have a
degree in another field or those who dont want to go through the
Once the schooling is complete, its time to find a job. The
likeliness of finding a job and the salary of the teacher are completely
dependent on the state within which the teacher lives. Teachers in
Utah are expected to make nearly $49,393 a year. Utah ranks 35th in

the nation for teacher pay, and 18th below the national average,
according to data released by the Washington Post (Daily Herald).
When finding a job there are times that are easier than others. It
seems that the opening of positions go through waves. Because
teachers are held under contract, they usually stick around until they
choose to leave or they retire. So when looking for a teaching job it is
wise to search out the schools that have teachers that have plans of
retiring. There are also times when there is a shortage of teachers, in
this occasion it is very easy to find a position.
While researching teaching, I came across the name Jaime
Escalante. He is one of the most well known teachers in America. He
took what was considered to be one of the most un-teachable classes
and he helped every single student excel in the subject of math. These
students struggled with drugs and violence and because of that they
did not do well in school. He took the time to help them each
individually, and they were all able to pass an advanced placement
calculus exam at the end of the school year. I believe that he was
passionate about teaching and about each student. This passion led to
the decisions he made as a teacher, which inevitably helped him, be
the outstanding teacher that he was (Jaime Escalante).
After reading Mr. Escalantes biography I was even more inspired
to become a teacher. When I tell most people that I want to be an a
teacher, almost always the response is, Why? You know they dont

make very much money, right? For me its never been about the
money. The biggest reason that I want to be a teacher is because I
know that its way that I personally can make a difference in this world.
Teachers have such a great responsibility for preparing the future
generations. As humans its our responsibility to become educated and
work hard so we can do well in this society in which we live. But as a
teacher I know that I can aid many individuals in their educational
endeavors and help them achieve their goals. I truly feel that I have
been given the right qualities and skills to be an effective teacher so I
am going to continue to pursue that dream. I am currently in an
education class here at Salt Lake Community College and I am also
continuing to be inspired by my professors. One of my professors said
the following in an interview with me, I grew up watching my Grandpa
and his passion for what he did. He was the Dean of Social Work and a
professor at the University of Utah for over 40 years. His passion
awoke something in me that wanted to make a difference so I also
became a teacher(L. Leonard, personal interview, April 4th.). So with
the help of my desires, my skills, and the inspiration of others, I know
that I too can become a great teacher.

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