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MOD 1.


Extended hardware concepts: Module 1.7

A type of device that moves a pointer or cursor on the screen, enabling you
to see what you are pointing at, is called a _____________.
Name six pointing devices:

The ____________ is the most commonly used pointing device.

A pressure-sensitive surface that follows the movement of your finger on this
surface, is called a ______________.


A device with a large ball on it, that moves the pointer when the ball is rotated, is known as a


A pressure-sensitive input device, used together with a digitising tablet, is called a __________.


An input/output device that reacts interactively when gestures are used to give instructions to a
computer, is called a ______________


A small button between the keys of the keyboard, that can be used as an alternative to a mouse, is
called a _________________.


Name five gestures that can be used to give instructions to a computer by using a touch screen:


An input device that looks like a lever mounted on a base, is called a ___________.


Devices that can capture data directly from source documents, are called __________ and


The type of input that reads magnetic strips on cards, is called _____________.


An input device that reads images or text into a computer, is called a ___________.


A type of input that uses small radio devices to store and transmit data, is called


An input device that reads something biologically unique to you, such as your fingerprint
or the pattern of the iris of your eye is called a ______________.


An input device that shines a laser light onto a pattern of black lines and recognises a
numerical code that is associated with that item, is called a _______________.

17. A type of input that have been developed to recognise specific

marks and characters are called ____________________.
18. Software that allows the editing of text that has been scanned
in, is called ______________________.
19. OMR stands for ____________________.
20. MICR stands for _______________________.
21. Devices that can record video and transfer it to a computer are
_________ and ______________.
22. A device that can read a cameras memory card and transfer
the image to a computer, is called a _____________.

23. OCR stands for ________________________.

24. A device used to transfer live sound to a computer, is called a

25. Software needed to input sound as text into a computer, is called
26. A device that can produce sound as output, is called a ___________.
An output device that projects the image of a computer screen onto a
screen or a wall, is called a __________________.

Devices that provide a number of functions rolled into one, are called



A stand-alone device that scans a document and transmits the image via a telephone
line to another similar device, is called a ______________.
A storage medium, used in cameras and other portable devices, like laptops, is called a
Name three types of optical disks:



The part of the computer that processes all data and executes instructions, is the CPU.
The component of a computer that contains circuitry with slots, connectors and other
components and allows all the parts of a computer to communicate with each other, is
the ___________.
CPU stands for _________________
The memory where all data and instructions that the computer is currently working on, is
kept, is called _____.
The memory that holds the instructions needed to start the computer when you switch it
on, is called _____.

The memory that loses its contents when it has no power, is called _______.

RAM stands for ______________________.


Before data is processed, it needs to be loaded into this memory: _____.


ROM stands for _____________

The type of storage medium that uses a laser light to read from, or write to,
is called __________