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EDUC 5312/3315-Curriculum and Instructional Design

Classroom Observation Assignment

Observation Form 2
Observation Date: 03/06/2016
Teacher Observed: Ms. F

Observation Time: 8:55-9:40 am

Subject/Grade Level: Math 8th Grade

School Observed: Harmony School of Excellence

Observer: Yeliz Tuna

For the things you observed, place a check. Please explain further about the checked item
directly below the particular section. Provide overall comments and reflections at the end.
__X__ On Task _____ Off Task _____ Engaged ___ Learning Successfully
Explain: Students were working on the assignment during the lesson. They were participating
activities. However, all of the students were not engaged. Some of the students were just
_X Modeling
_X__ Question/Answer __X__ Lecture
_X_ Monitoring Groups
_X__ Listening
_X__ Problem Solving
__X__ Evaluating _____ Reading To Students
____ Modifying
____ Integrating Content __X_ Guiding Cooperative Groups
___ Other _ _____________________

Explain: Teacher gave the lecture at the beginning of the class. Then modeled sample questions
for students. She solved questions with students. When students were working as a group
teacher check each group to see the progress of the students. At the end of the lesson, she
gave exit ticket question to evaluate students understanding.
____ Manipulatives
____ Workbooks
_X_ Overhead Projector
____ Smart Board
_____ Chalkboard
____ Maps
_X__ Computer
_X__ Projector
__X__ Books
____ Other Audio Visuals
____ None
_____ Other __________________________________________________________________

Explain: Students had their textbook with them. Teacher used her computer and overhead
projector to show the activity to students.


_X__ Small Groups

__X__ Whole Group

_____ Pairs

__X__ Individuals

Explain: Teacher grouped students with mix ability groups and asked them to work as a group

after they worked individually. Teacher gave the lecture in whole class setting.
__ Worksheet _X__ Listening _____ Writing _____ Reading
_X__ Performing
___ Journaling
___ Discussing _____ Centers _____ Homework _____ Research
___ Investigation
_____ Laboratory
_____ Using Technology
___ Other ______________________________________________________________

Explain: Students were listening while teacher was lecturing. Students worked on the questions
individually and then they checked their answers as a group and find the best solution for the

__X_ Stated Expectations for Behavior
__X_ Redirection of Inappropriate Behavior
_____ Self-disciplined Students
_____ Materials Ready

_____ Positive Reinforcement

____ Encouragement of Students
__X__ Effective Time Management
_____ Enthusiasm for Teaching/Learning

Explain: Teacher had clear classroom routines and rules. Students were following rules without
giving hard time to anyone. Students did not lose time between activities. Teacher used hand
signal to direct to students.


I enjoyed with the lesson. I really like how the teacher monitored and checked students while they
were working individually and as a group. Moreover, having proper seating chart helped teacher to reach
every single students without giving hard time to anyone. Using exit ticket and previous lesson related
worm up activities helped students to make connections between previous lesson and the next one. I
believe that teacher worked with students on classroom rules and routines effectively. Therefore, she did
not waste any time between transitions. Also teacher had great relationship with students. They have
freedom to ask question and students were and hesitant to ask any question. Sometimes students asked
irrelevant questions but teacher direct them to topic very well. I believe this is a very good skill for
teachers to have. I need to work on that to make my classroom free of stress but also have the control of
the class.