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Schmack, Richard See From: Cindy Tencza@isp stateilus Sent: ‘Thursday, November 19, 2015 9:52 PM To: ‘Schmack, Richard Subject: meeting ‘Mi. Schmack, {1am looking to see if you are available to meet with myself and the Zone Commander of Zone 1, Captain Steve Loan on. either Monday, November 30th @ 10:30 a.m. or Wednesday, December 2nd @ 10:30 a.m? Unfortunately | am on vacation from November 20th returning on November 30th. And November 30th or December 2nd are the only dates that week that both myself and Captain Loan are available, Please let me know your availability. ‘Thank yout Lieutenant Cindy Tencza #4482 Zone 1 Investigations 847-294-4609 (affice) (847-294-4532 (fax) Schmack, Richard. eee From: Schack, Richard Sent: Thursday, November 19, 2015 11:40 PM To: Cindy Tencza@ispstateilus Subject: Re: meeting | think that November 30 will work. However, can you tell meat this point if you have made any progress regarding the location of the telephone? ‘sent from my iPhone > OnNov 19, 2015, at 9:52 PM, “cindy Tencza@iso state.ilus" wrote: >eell) Schmack, Richard. From: Cindy_Tencza@ispstateilus Sent: ‘Wedinesday, December 02, 2015 245 PM To: Sehmack, Richard Subject: legal office Mr. Schmack, ‘At your convenience, can you please contact our Springfield Legal Counsel Nicholas Kondelis at ‘meeting that we had on Monday, November 30th? -- perour (Mr. Kondelis wil be able to answer any questions involving the ISP further involvernent in the Maria Ridulph case. ‘Thank you! Ueutenant Cindy Tencza #4482 Zone 1 investigations 847-294-4609 (office) 847-294-4532 (fay)