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Meghan Elliott

Outgoing, Engaging,
and Optimistic

Supports Multiple Ways

of Learning and Being

Incorporates 21st Century

Teaching Learning

Seamless Classroom

Professional Experience
Wexham Secondary School; Slough, Berkshire, United Kingdom
English Teacher September 2014 present
Responsible for the curriculum development, instruction and assessment of Grade 6 to 10
Developing positive learning behaviours and building growth mindset in all pupils
Assisted in the design of units surrounding new curriculums
Consistently implemented a three colour tiered differentiation system in all classes to engage a
wide variety of learners
Adapts and modified lessons for students on the Special Educational Needs Register (SEN)
Engages pupils with multiple competition driven strategies
Incorporates rich group discussions to ensure consolidation of learning
Collaborates on cross-curricular inquiry based learning between Science and English
Mentoring underachieving senior pupils to balance the stress of their final GCSE examinations
Established strong and positive relationships with whole classes and individual pupils
Encouraged use of student iPads in classroom with a strong online presence and seamless
technology integration
Promotes positive social, emotional and academic behaviours with a Year 10 form through
daily academic and pastoral mentoring
University of Winnipeg Campus Living; Winnipeg, Manitoba
Resident Assistant August 2011 May 2014
Responsible for the social, emotional and academic well being of university students ages
seventeen to twenty-five
Demonstrate leadership by serving as a role model to residents, demonstrating responsible
behaviours, personal integrity and good judgment
Creative problem solving in situations of conflict or emergencies
Frontier College; Winnipeg, Manitoba
Reading Tent Coordinator June August 2013
Planned and executed literacy based summer programming for children ages three to fifteen
RM of Pipestone; Reston, Manitoba
Recreation Summer Assistant May August 2010, May August 2011, May August 2012
Created summer program comprised of day programs for the Recreation Department,
including events designed for educational, physical and social development.
Ran day programs for children ages three to twelve throughout the summer

Practicum Experience
Dakota Collegiate Institute; Winnipeg, Manitoba

Meghan Elliott
Teacher Candidate September 2013 May 2014
Teaching experience in Grade Nine English Language Arts classrooms, Grade Eleven English
Language Arts: Comprehensive Focus and Grade Eleven English Language Arts: Transactional
Focus classrooms, Grade Twelve English Language Arts: Comprehensive Focus
Assisted with the Gay-Strait Alliance weekly
Assisted with the Yearbook committee weekly
St. Johns High School; Winnipeg, Manitoba
Teacher Candidate January April 2013
Teaching and observational experience in an Grade Seven and Eight English Language Arts
Advanced Placement classroom under a cooperative teaching model
Teaching experience in a Grade Eleven English Language Arts classroom
Observational experience in a Grade Twelve Enriched English Language Arts: Literature
Manitoba Youth Centre; Winnipeg, Manitoba
Teacher Candidate September December 2012
Class comprised of remanded male youth, ages twelve to sixteen, awaiting sentencing under
the Youth Criminal Justice Act
Assisted students with highly individualized work; many students were completing the Grade
Nine Key to Mathematics program
Developed an understanding of working with students with specialized needs
University of Winnipeg Collegiate Model School; Winnipeg, Manitoba
Teacher Candidate September 2011 April 2012
Teaching and observational experience in a Grade Twelve English Language Arts:
Comprehensive Focus classroom
Tutoring experience with Grade 10 EAL student in modified Math and English credits
cole Laura Secord; Winnipeg, Manitoba
Resource Teacher Candidate January 2011 March 2011
Developed an understanding of early reading growth through one-to-one work including
alphabet mastery, phonemic awareness and reading skills with Grade One to Three students

University of Winnipeg; Winnipeg, Manitoba
June 2014
Graduated with honours with a five-year Integrated Bachelor of Education/Bachelor of Arts
Major in English; minor in Classics

Volunteer Experience
Tomorrows Educators Building Learning Opportunities (TEBLO); Winnipeg
Vice-President: Internal Communications September 2010- June 2014
Through the University of Winnipeg Faculty of Education volunteered in May 2013 in
Nicaragua working in solidarity with community members to build a sustainable option for
secondary schooling in a rural village
Experience both teaching primary grades and building the secondary school
CEDA: Pathways to Education; Winnipeg, MB
Tutor and Mentor October 2010- June 2013
Tutoring and mentoring at-risk students high school students in a variety of subjects
Individual tutoring using the Reading Horizons literacy program
Manitoba 4-H Ambassadors; Province-wide
Ambassador July 2009 September 2013
Volunteering with youth ages eight to eighteen at 4-H events, including communications, day
and overnight programs

Professional Development

Meghan Elliott
Continued Professional Development through Wexham Secondary School ongoing
including an Action Research project on stretch and challenge for senior pupils
London TeachMeet 2016
Slough TeachMeet 2015
Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT) Year 2014-15
Successfully completed an NQT Year
At three assessment points during the year, provided detailed and comprehensive evidence of
compliance to Department of Education Teaching Standards
Underwent a rigorous observation schedule by members of the Senior Leadership of Wexham
Secondary School
Liaised with an experience teaching mentor to deepen understanding of curriculum, instruction
and assessment in British schools
WestCAST (Western Canadian Association of Student Teachers) 2014
- Presenter at WestCAST
- Spoke on tranformational experience in Nicaragua volunteer to build a secondary school
Education for Sustainable Well-Being Conference 2013
SAGE 2013, 2012
CHARGE (University of Winnipeg Education Students Association) 2011-2013