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Monica Duncan

Exemplar #3: Classroom Guidance Lesson and Flashlight Presentation

CSP 624: Learning, Achievement and Instruction for School Counselors and
CSP 775: ASCA Model I: Program development
Standards Addressed: 19, 20 & 29
The third exemplar I have chosen for my portfolio is the development of a classroom guidance
lesson and the creation of an accompanying flashlight presentation. This exemplar applies the
knowledge I have gained from both CSP 624 and CSP 775, and reflects my ability to incorporate ASCA
practices while developing and evaluating a classroom guidance lesson. In CSP 624 my assignment
required me to develop a classroom guidance lesson that resulted from a data-driven need. I then used
my knowledge gained from CSP 775 to create a flashlight presentation with the intention of sharing the
lessons results. Through the development of this project I gained skills in implementing an intentional
intervention for an identified group of students in the areas of academic and career development.
Rationale for Standards
Standard 19: Academic Development
The guidance lesson I designed with my fieldwork partner was called, Future Plans Start
Today, and it covered topics to prepare students for post-secondary options. The lesson was based on a
ninth grade needs assessment which was distributed at the beginning of the year, and most students
requested information in the area of how best to prepare for post-secondary options. I learned how to
identify an area of need through a student needs assessment and developed a curriculum to give
instruction on the information requested. While developing the curriculum I chose to highlight
particular vocabulary terms that would enable students academic success and high achievement
throughout high school, such as, academic rigor, college readiness, and A-G requirements.

Monica Duncan
In the lesson, I reviewed the difference between courses required for high school graduation and
courses needed to satisfy the A-G requirements. Within this project I applied certain ASCA National
Standards for Students to strategies that would best support each students ability to learn. The lesson
was designed to address ASCA Student Standards A: A1.5 Identify attitudes and behaviors that lead to
successful learning and A: C1.6 Understand how school success and academic achievement enhance
future career and vocational opportunities. Through the implementation of the above standards I
assisted students to develop attitudes and behaviors that lead to successful learning.
Standard 20: Career Development
My fieldwork partner and I addressed a full range of post-secondary educational options within
our guidance lesson, including: private universities, UC/CSU universities, community colleges and trade
schools. Through this project I gained experience teaching students skills that would help them
transition from school to post-secondary life, and increase their development in various ASCAs
National Standards for Students. The Career Standards addressed included, C: A1.7 Understand the
importance of planning, C: B.1.1 Apply decision-making skills to career planning, course selection
and career transition, and C: C1.1 understand the relationship between educational achievement and
career success. In addition, through the facilitation of a group activity I was able to teach and develop
essential employability skills such as problem solving and organization.
Standard 29: Prevention Education & Training
Through this project I have gained knowledge and skill in developing and presenting an
education program through a guidance curriculum designed to prevent difficulties and promote student
learning. Presenting our lesson to all ninth grade students aids in ensuring that each student is given the
information that will assist them in planning and organizing for the future. The lesson promotes high

Monica Duncan
academic achievement for all students and the pre-post test that was developed measures change within
the students attitude, knowledge and skills. Although our lesson was created from a student needs
assessment, the school counselors at Steele Canyon High School (SCHS) are participating in discussions
of implementing the practice of presenting A-G requirements and post-secondary options to all future
incoming ninth graders. The lesson was developed for an assignment, but I have learned how quickly
one lesson can evolve into conversations surrounding the implementation of a prevention lessons for all
The project has aided my growth in creating a curriculum for the purpose of impacting an entire
grade level, evaluating the lessons effectiveness and analyzing ways of improving the lesson for future
preventative educational purposes. I have grown in my knowledge and skill of planning, developing,
and implementing a guidance lesson and using tools to further organize and evaluate the lesson. The
lesson developed focused on promoting the academic and career success of the ninth grade students at
SCHS. Each question on the pre-post assessment showed growth in the students attitudes, knowledge
and skills. If I could change something I might review the order of the slides to include college systems
and post-secondary options towards the beginning of the presentation. I would also like to include more
learning strategies, such as a pair-share to further increase student participation and overall learning.