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Final Assessment

Science Report

Name: Anood Saleeh

Section: Y1 S2
ID: H00292847
Course T: Basel Badra


I and my Partner we create a science video lesson which was about health and
unhealthy food, and the video was for teacher those teach grade two students. So

the video includes some stages from 5ES and science proves skills and they are
Engagement and then Observation , Explore and in the end Reflect. Using this skills
benefit as to know how to organize the lesson and to give the lesson sense.
The video goes on one track but with tow persona, so me and my friend we divide
the work. But for me, it was the first time for as to create a video it takes a time,
and we face some technical problems which they are choosing the proper, and
secure app for the video also how to use it .And in the end Also, we face a new issue
which was sound disappearing when we record it. But in the end, we come up with a
video, and we learn how to create a video.

Objectives of the lesson

The aim from the video was Students will be able to realize that some foods have
food color on it, students will be able to compeer between healthy food and
unhealthy food, and students will be able to explain why we could some foods,
unhealthy food.

Lesson parts
As I mention that this video is for teacher those, teach grade 2 students and their
age will be around 8 to 9 years. And the video goes with some periods. And they are
vital when you have to teach students a concept because, in this stages students
will feel relax that they are getting the information in a flexible way, not in reach
way. So the first stage was engagement part, and always this part comes in the
begging. The target of this step is to involve the students it to the lesson
atmosphere. Moreover this part gives students an excellent opportunity to express
what they know about the topic or the skills that will be to develop. Besides, there
are several ways of engagement and in my opinion, its depending on students
age group, but in general teacher can show them a video as I did in my video or
with an open-ended question or with an activity.

After that, I did an experiment, so the students have to observe this stage student
will see something is happening. Also at this stage, the way of student thinking will
change to other track because he will see the thing in the fact .So during the
observing student will learn a new skill, which is noticing the significant things and
he will start to think more deeply. And the important thing is if there is an
experiment to do, the first teachers have to intrude the materials and if the
materials are the danger as my materials in the video, so the teacher has to do it by
herself because the mean thing is the safety.

Also, I mention in my video explore stage which is permit students to use their
previous knowledge to solve the problem or the activity, and they will work under
teacher guidance, and from this phase they will get more about the concept and it
will frame the concept . Moreover on the teacher is to Provides time for students to
puzzle through problems, and on the students to discuss and share the ideas. So the
students will benefit from this stage that they will get more information. After that,
the teacher can ask them to explain, what they did and how. This will aid them to
build more knowledge and establish relationship and understanding.
The last step was the evaluation or reflects. This stage comes at last of the lesson,
and this stage declared the limit of understanding and did the student get what
they spouse to get. Also, it does reflect on student thinking on how they reflect on
the topic, or what they feel trend the topic .moreover their several approaches of
reflection. For illustration asking questions, or giving them a worksheet to do or H.W.

In the video as you saw I did two experiments, and I decide to be observing, so the
students will observe only the stages of the experiment because of the materials
was a danger for them. And if they will do, so it will be exploring because they are
investigating and they need to reach to the result. After that teacher can ask them
some questions for example, what you saw, what happened, so the students will
explain to her. And if she needs to evaluate them she can make it as a fun so
student will draw events of experiment .So the teacher will be sure that all students
know what was happening.

What we did individually for the video



I research for the definition

She record the voices

I research for the experiment that will

be in the lesson

She takes picture and record the video

For the video, I

for the video

She create the video and prepare it

prepared the


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