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Enright Co-Teaching Lesson

Introduction: The classroom that this is being taught in is a regular 6th grade classroom in
Baker Victory Services. The classroom is a self-contained behavioral classroom. There
are 6 students in the room, an aide, and a teacher. I am just going into this classroom to
observe and teach a few lessons. The students in this classroom have just below grade
level skills and abilities due to education hindered by their behavioral. The students have
a calming room inside of the classroom in which they can use if they are having a
behavior to go into so they stay safe as well as their classmates. The teacher is very
experienced in this area of students with behavioral issues and does a great job of
handling them and making sure the students are learning. This teacher is a very good
friend of the classroom teacher in the ECP that I work with, which makes it easy to go
into the room and work with the students. Due to circumstances, this classroom has no
gifted children in it.
Planning Reflection:
1. How were you able to find time to plan together? How much time did you have?
We planned during the lunch period when the students were out of both of
our rooms. We planned for a half hour each time we met for three separate
days. On the fourth day we met to plan, we shared the resources and plan
we came up with to ensure they went together and we help the students
learn the materials. Collectively we worked for two hours this lesson.
2. Roles and responsibilities- how were you able to determine who was responsible
for what part of the planning? Provide specific examples.
I allowed the classroom teacher to assign the roles and responsibilities so
that I did not overstep my position in the classroom. The teacher was
completely open to any ideas I had to share. We agreed that I would be in
charge of the technology piece and art project and she could be in charge
of reviewing the previous lessons and connecting them to my technology
and project piece.
3. Were there any issues with assigning roles? How did you resolve them?
There were luckily no issues in assigning roles. I understood my role and
the classroom teacher understood hers and had no problem sharing her
classroom with me.
4. Preparation activities who prepared materials and gathered resources?
I prepared the materials for the cave painting activity as well as found the
SMARTBoard activity to go along with it. The teacher provided the
materials for the newspapers as we all the questions to ask the students
about the Neolithic period they have been leanring about
Cave Painting
Grade: 6
Date: October 22, 2015
The students will tell about the history of cave painting by creating a cave painting
on the information provided through the lesson
The students will be able to relate history about the Neolithic Period and history of
cave painting by answering various questions verbally
STANDARDS (list the actual standard and the specific indicator): NY
6.2b Early peoples in the Eastern Hemisphere are often studied by analyzing artifacts and
archaeological features. Archaeologists engage in digs and study artifacts and features in a

Enright Co-Teaching Lesson

particular location to gather evidence about a group of people and how they lived at a
particular time
6.2c The Neolithic Revolution was marked by technological advances in agriculture and
domestication of animals that allowed people to form semi-sedentary and sedentary
6.2d Historians use archaeological and other types of evidence to investigate patterns in
history and identify turning points. A turning point can be an event, era, and/or development
in history that has brought about significant social, cultural, ecological, political, or
economic change.
Responsibility teacher 1
Responsibility teacher 2
y teacher 3 (if
needed) or
teacher aide
ANTICIPATORY Will ask students various
Hand out the worksheet
questions about Neolithic that students with answer
History and what they
questions on after the
have been learning about
verbal conversation.
model used: One
with the newspaper this
Helping students who
teach/One support week verbally
need help
1. SMARTBoard
presentation on cave
presentation on cave
2. Taught about the
2. Taught about the
model used: Team different countries its
different symbols used in
found in;
cave painting along with
3. Shared responsibilities
to teach about theories
3. Shared responsibilities
behind them
to teach about theories
4. Split students into
behind them
groups to explore websites 4. Hand out iPads to
that are provided for them allow students to explore
to look at cave paintings
the websites provided to
around the world
5. After presentations,
5. After presentations,
explain to the students
explain to the students
they will be creating their they can use any symbol
own cave paintings
they have learned about
6. Explain to the students today in their own cave
they need to stay in their
paintings but they need to
seats during the cave
use the symbols they
painting activity or they
learned about
will have to stop the
6. Explain to the students
that they will be using
7. Start to hand out
their fingers to paint this
just like the cave people
8. Walk around to ensure

Enright Co-Teaching Lesson

students are working on
their cave painting and are
drawing appropriate


model used: One

Give students options on

how they want to share
what they learned from
the website they explored
1. draw 4 symbols
from the website
and explain them
to the class
2. pick two symbols
to look more into
in that region and
create a
3. pick one symbol
and explore to see
if it is found in any
other region to be
similar and explain
how they are
While students are
creating their presentation,
they will use graphic
organizers to help them
organize the information
1. Review with students
what they have learned
about cave painting and
how it relates to the
newspaper for the week
2. Allow time for students
to walk around and see all
the cave paintings made
3. Hand out journals
4. Explain to the students

7. Explain to the students

that these will be used in
an art show so they need
to do their best work!
8. Finish handing out
9. Walk around to ensure
students are working on
their cave paintings and
are drawing appropriate
1. Walk around the
ensure students are doing
their work and help with
any questions they have.
2. Ensure students chose
the topic at which ability
level they are able of

1. Walk around to ensure

all students are finished
working on their cave
paintings and collect the
2. Allow time for student
to walk around and see
all the cave paintings
3. Ensure no one ruins a



Enright Co-Teaching Lesson

if they do not what to do it
in their journal, they can
do a S-O-S Summary
worksheet they have used
- students who pick this
option will go to a circle
table with the teacher to
do activity




S-O-S Summary: teacher

presents a statement; asks
the students opinion; asks
the student for support on
their opinion





classmates cave painting

by walking around with
4. As students return to
their seats, explain to
them they will need to
write in their journal and
pick one of three options:
- pick one interesting
fact and write what you
have learned about it
- write about your
experience throughout
the lesson and what you
- explain what you
learned and ask one
question you still have
about cave painting
Journal writings:
- Quick Write:
allows students to
write in a
structured time to
reflect and
summarize what
they learned
Red paint
Black paint
Yellow paint
Brown paint




Reflection after teaching:

Be sure to address:
Comfort level in teaching together?
Plan for reinforcing what worked and addressing what didnt as far as co-teaching
is concerned?

Enright Co-Teaching Lesson

How well you followed the planned responsibilities outline?
How the student did and how do you know that (+ differentiated assessment)?
What you learned from this experience?
I believe this was a great experience, as my only other co-teaching experience was
in a classroom where it did not work exactly. It is interesting to see how when two
teachers connect and can bounce off each other so easily, how well a co-teaching lesson
can go. It was very comfortable teaching with her as she was open and let me into her
classroom with open arms. We followed the planned outline with responsibilities pretty
well and knew our roles. We did not step on each others feet at all. We both stuck to the
responsibilities we set for ourselves to ensure the lesson was successful. The student was
able to complete the assessment successfully and correctly.
I learned that all co-teaching experiences are different. Before this lesson, the only
experience I had was negative and the teacher did not want to share responsibilities at all;
claiming the classroom was hers and I was just there to help. This experience was the
complete opposite. This teacher open her classroom to me as well as allowing me to teach
with her in it. I think co-teaching all depends on how the people get along and if
responsibilities can be shared. I learned how to work well with a teacher in a co-teaching
lesson as well as how to break up the work to ensure its successful. What I never thought
about was how important the planning time together was. By having four days to split
responsibilities, create materials and ensure it all went together, I felt it was awesome
instead of splitting the work, bringing it together during the lesson, and hoping it works.
This experience allowed me to see what a successful co-teaching experience is like!