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Katelynn Moreau

Everyday our world is becoming more globalized. Technology is significantly changing the way we live
and interact. I believe education should teach students how to become learners and collaborators. Students will be
prepared to enter a globalized world when they learn how to draw solutions to problems by successfully
collaborating with their peers and using critical thinking skills to obtain conclusions through their given resources.
The schools purpose is to maintain a physically and emotionally safe environment for students to grow. A
school is a reliable constant in a students life. For 7 hours a day, a student can rely on a school for health, safety,
and encouragement. School is a comfortable retreat for children to explore their interests, while also learning who
they are as individuals and who they want to become in their future.
Guiding students to become not only cooperative, but collaborative individuals is the teachers purpose.
While content is important, the way in which students are able to think and learn, both individually and together is
the main goal of the teacher. Teachers show the tools and resources that students have to become thinkers and
collaborators. Teachers are also a champion of encouragement and a fireman of frustration. They use positivity and
rationality to prove to students that anything is possible.
As a result of a school being a safe environment and the positive guidance of a teacher, the students role is
to take risks in order to achieve intellectual and social growth. A students risk can be as universal as participating in
class or even as challenging as motivating himself or herself to take a higher-level subject. When the schools
purpose and the teachers purpose are aligned, the student will be motivated to take chances without fear of failure.
As our world becomes more globalized our students are able to interact with a larger and diverse set of people.
Interactions among diverse students are invaluable because they allow students to learn first hand about social,
political, cultural, and economic differences and similarities. The most remarkable part of these interactions is that
no matter how different other students might seem, they all still are intrinsically good and have the same basic
human needs. In fact, one student can find something in common with another student who may seem completely
different. Every person has his or her own unique stories, struggles, and successes.
When a student uses their motivation to better themselves, they will become successful collaborators and
thinkers outside of the protection of a school and the guidance of a teacher. As students graduate into the real
world they will be able to use the skills they learned in school in order to find resources that will make them
successful in what they choose to pursue.