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Arizona State University


Jonathan Knapp
Catherine Pirrone
Spring 2016

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Classroom Layout.......................................................................................................... 3
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My name is Jonathan Knapp and I am currently a student at the New College at Arizona
State University. My education includes an Associates in the Arts from Glendale Community
College and an in-progress Bachelors in History with a Certificate in Education from Mary Lou
I decided to enter the field of education because I had the fortune to have several fantastic
history teachers in my own education and hope to provide that same experience to future
students. I believe that the role of teachers in childrens lives is incredibly important and that my
particular area of study is key in the creation of civically minded citizens.
In keeping with the research of Dr. Harry Wong it is the right of any student, regardless of
background, to be educated. The diversity of students is an advantage to their fellows and to their
instructors and creates an enriched learning environment for all parties. It is the role of the
teacher to provide the best educational experience for these students and thus maintain that
learning environment for all students.

Classroom Layout
My classroom layout accommodates 36 students and takes much of its inspiration from
the classroom within which I am completing my internship. It follows the philosophy of Fred
Jones by guaranteeing ease of movement for both students and teachers, most importantly the
latter. Large walkways amongst student work areas allow for what Dr. Jones calls proximity
and what prison guards call suppression. All classroom materials are placed to further this ease
of access and provide an organized, efficient learning environment.

Teacher Desk
The teachers desk is placed along the side of the classroom so it does not block view of
the whiteboard/projection and places a barrier between the class and sensitive materials
such as the Locked Cabinet.

Material Cabinets
A cabinet of materials is at the back of the classroom where it is easily accessible and
visible to the instructor from any location inside the classroom.

Two bookshelves (or one large one) are located along the back wall of the classroom
between the material cabinets and homework station. It can be easily accessed as students
enter and exit the classroom should they be told to collect a book on their way in.

Homework Station
The Homework Station is located immediately inside the classroom where anything that
need be collected can be collected before the student finds their seats. It is also clearly
visible and accessible to any student who needs to collect missed or missing work.

Teachers Locked Cabinet

The locked cabinet is located behind the teachers desk where it cannot be accessed by a
student without significant failure in supervision of the classroom.

Filing Cabinets
A filing cabinet is located alongside the instructors desk where it can be easily accessed
for any purpose, should a student or administrator require a paper or file that is not

White Boards
Whiteboards are located on two walls of the classroom, one along the front and one on
the side of the classroom for the purposes of announcements, scheduling, or long-term
assignment dates.

Student Desks
Students are seated at tables in groups of four. This allows easy movement throughout the
classroom by the instructor, easy group work, and a clear view of the front of the
classroom from any seat with a minor turn. Instructor can also seat themselves at any
table should proximity be required and any student, including wheelchair bound students
can easily find a seat in the classroom that is not isolated from the rest of the student

Mounted Projector
Mounted Projector is located so as to project on a portion of the wall which allows all
students to see without significant repositioning, this is also the location where the
majority of presentation will take place.

Trash Cans
Trash cans are located at the entry of the classroom and at the teachers desk so it can
easily be located and so anything that should be disposed of before entering the
classroom can be disposed of immediately.

Bulletin Boards

A bulletin board is located alongside the whiteboard on the Southside of the classroom
where any important bulletin can be placed next to other written announcements.

Computer Stations
There is a computer located on the teachers desk. It is the only one in the room.

Document Camera
A document camera is located on the large table along the south wall by the teachers
desk. Any document needed can be retrieved from the nearby cabinet and the camera is
removed from the student area for safety.

Large Table (Not Present as all desks are tables)

Beginning Class

Instructor greets students as they walk into the classroom and uses opportunity to address

and possible issues or classroom rule violations (Electronics, dress, etc.)

Students will pass homework station and turn in anything due that morning, a reminder of

what is due will be written on the whiteboard.

Students will find their assigned seat and follow any instructions written on the board and

complete any displayed bell work.

Students will be given three to four minutes to complete the bell work with their table and
will be called upon at random to provide their answer(s).

Ending Class

If students exit ticket is already in process when 5 minutes are remaining students will be
told to pack up when there are two minutes left and will turn in their exit tickets as they

If students are not in the process of completing an exit ticket they will be told to pack up
with 5 minutes remaining, except for whatever materials are required for their ticket, and

will finish their exit ticket in the time remaining before exiting the room.
If students have collected any additional materials from cabinets or work stations they

will return them as they depart, leaving the room in the state which they found it.
Students will collect any graded work or papers for home from folders with their names
on it at the same station where they turn in homework.


If students are working independently of the instructor they will be given a set amount of

time to complete any objectives.

If a student completes their work ahead of the timer they should remain quiet and

complete other work or read a book.

Instructions for any activity will be projected for the duration of the activity.
At the end of an activity, or in the event of the instructor needing attention for any other
reason, an auditory signal will be given to the students.

Collecting Homework

Any homework due at the start of class will be displayed on a whiteboard explicitly for

that purpose.
Students will place homework in the designated area on the table at the entrance of the
room as they find their seats.

Handing Back Work

Student work will be placed in folders, organized by last name, near the entrance of class.
Work is collected by students as they exit class each day.

Handing Out Materials for the Lesson

Any necessary materials for the day should be located on the homework table as students

enter the room. They will collect these materials as they find their seats.
If, for any reason, the materials are not located on this table at student entry then a single
student from each table will collect the materials from the cabinet for the rest of their

Student Absences

All work assigned during a student absence is placed in their individual folder with

graded work. It is the responsibility of the student to collect this work on their return.
For each day that passed in absence the student will have one day to complete the work.
After that point it will be treated as late work for grading purposes.

Late Work

Late work will be accepted provided it is completed within the quarter that the work was

originally assigned.
Any late work will have 5% deducted from the grade, up to a maximum of 50%, for each

day that it is late.

If the student cannot complete assigned work within the given time it is their
responsibility to contact the instructor to appraise them of the situation and seek an

Grading and Recording Student Work


For all quizzes, multiple choice tests, and short assignments work will be returned to the

student within 2 days of their initial due date.

For all essays, essay tests, and research papers the work will be returned to the student

within 1 week of their initial due date.

A physical record of all grades will be kept in a locked cabinet and grades will be entered

in it and on its online counterpart as soon as the grading is complete.

For major tests and essays the student may perform corrections or rewrites to receive a
higher grade but these must be completed within the time frame given by the instructor.

Communication with Parents

All calls and emails from parents will be returned on the day they are received.
Any issues not resolved in this manner may be addressed by in-person meetings
scheduled in advance.

Considerations of Diverse Learners

All procedures shall be taught at the beginning of the year and re-taught as necessary

throughout the semester.

All procedures will be posted in the classroom in clear and precise language.
Any failure to follow a procedure will result in a re-teaching and reinforcement of that

procedure in accordance with the research of Dr. Wong.

All IEPs and 504 plans will be followed to better address student needs.

Rules and Consequences

In accordance with the research of Madeline Hunter and Dr. Rick Lavoie I have
constructed a set of positive, enforceable rules. The classroom has a set of five rules, as
recommended by said research, that will be taught on the first day of school and posted in the
classroom. This limited set of rules will allow a wide diversity of students, including those on
IEPs and 504s, to easily understand and follow what is expected of them in the classroom.
By providing these simple rules and posting them in an easily accessible location the
classroom environment should be improved. This is accomplished by creating a sense of order
and an understanding amongst students of what is expected of them when they are inside the
classroom. If the rules are taught in the first week of school and regularly enforced this order
should result in substantial time saving for the class which improves the learning environment
for both instructor and students.

In this future classroom the rules will be as follows:


All electronic devices will remain in pockets or bags for the duration of the class.
Show respect for other students by speaking one at a time.
Use appropriate language inside the classroom.
All hats, hoods, caps, helmets, and assorted headgear will be removed before entering the

5. Students will remain seated until the instructor dismisses them to their next class.
The following are consequences to be enforced upon violation of the above rules. Note: The
instructor reserves the right to skip steps depending on the violation.

First Offense Warning/Meeting with Instructor

Second Offense Detention
Third Offense Call Home
Fourth Offense Administrative Referral



This plan for classroom management, if followed, should create a thriving academic
environment. Students will become practiced in appropriate behaviors and work ethic that will
aid them in the years following the end of their high-school experience. Any student who enters
this classroom will have the same opportunity and will hopefully achieve the same level of
success as any other student no matter how they enter for the first time. The rules and regulations
of this room will help students reach the levels of potential that are expected of them by those
same rules.