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MCT Feedback

Student Teachers name: Halima Ahemd

Nakheel School
MCT: Fatema Al Awadi
Shayma Al Shehhi

(Grade 2)

Date: 29th April 2015 (Third period)

School: Al


Well written and detailed lesson plan.

Stated aims and objectives.
Started greeting the sts.
Writing the day and date on the board after eliciting from the sts.
Good use of the whiteboard to write the digits and elicit answers.
Using clapping to praise the students as well as positive words.
Nice revision activity to start the lesson with.
Better to check the language before writing on the board such as capital letters and

full stops.
Checking the students comprehension about the difference between 90 and 19.
Praising the groups through marking them on the board.
Stopped the video and asked the students to answer.
Checking the answers of each group.
Showed enthusiasm when checking and teaching the students.
The idea of shopping at Dubai Mall is creative, but the students still dont know about

Gucci. Try to choose a suitable kids shop to motivate and ignite their answers.
The students were motivated to answer the question once they got the idea.
Played a song to motivate the learners.
The activity of the T-shirt was brilliant but needed more structure.
Controlled the class and attracted their attention by stand up, sit down and jump.
Named some students who were not involved to capture their attention.
Involved each group to write the answer on the board.
Guided the students when they were struggling.
Asked the students to stand up and sit down and added more actions.
Used variety of sources.
Good notebook activity, but give them enough time. They are only grade 2 students.


Better to differentiate between the objectives that are stated for revision.
You need to time your activities.
Avoid giving your back to the students while writing on the board.
Try to raise your voice.
Better to include your instructions in the lesson plan.
Make sure of your questions when asking the student to write on the board.
Better to use more body language and smiling.
Try not to confuse the students a lot.
Check the language specially pronunciation such as formula, also grammar.
Try to capture the students attention, give them instructions and then let them start

the activity, they started working quickly.

The video was not very clear and the students could not hear well.
Be careful about plurals and singulars.
Do not be busy with other things, pay attention to the students.
The lesson was mostly teacher centered not student centered, you gave your back to
the students and answered the activity by yourself without involving the students in

The students were confused about the core activity.
Try to simplify your language to the students.
Avoid asking little ones the questions of did you understand?.
The class turned into mess and you were confused of whom to check or cover.
Better to stop the groups and check that they are paying their attention to you.
Keep your eyes on the student who is answering and the whole class.
Watch out the timing of the activities.
Not enough student-centered activities during the lesson.
The last activity took less time than expected.

Personal Aim for next lesson

Halima is going to focus on the students and use body language with smile.
Try to balance between teacher and student centered activities.