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Thematic Unit: Animals

Lesson Topic: Habitats

Content Areas: Science
Grade Level: 2
a. Investigate a variety of familiar and unfamiliar habitats and describe how
animals and plants found there maintain their lives and survive to
b. Explain that organisms live in habitats that provide their basic needs.
- Food
- Water
- Air
- Shelter
c. Explain that animals and plants sometimes cause changes in their

Engage: The teacher will ask the students to pick their favorite animal.
They will write it down in the middle of their yellow sticky note (already on
their desk). Then, the teacher will ask the students: where does the animal
live? What other plants and animals leave near it? The students will record
on their sticky note.

Now that the students are engaged, the teacher will have Habitats
written on the chalkboard- the teacher will ask the students what they
know about habitats.

The teacher will record the students responses

The teacher will then show the students a video on youtube.com titled
Home Sweet Habitat: Crash Course Kids #21.1
Next, the teacher will put students into different groups. The students will
find a reliable website to find information about habitats. Each group will

need to find information about:

- A physical description of the habitat
- Examples of the habitat (geographical locations)
- Examples of animals and plants that live in the habitat

Once the groups found the three key aspects of a habitat, we will meet
together as a class and discuss our answers, recording answers on the
board for all students to see.

After the class discussion about habitats, the teacher will introduce the
activity on Kidspiration that the students will complete during center time.

Directions for Kidspiration Habitat Lesson (Kid Instructions):

- Answer the questions at the top of the page under EACH animal.
o Where does the animal live?

What does the animal eat?

o What is the name of the specific habitat for your animal?


Make sure everyone in the groups name is on the page by clicking

Name at the top panel and typing in the all members of your
groups names.

Save your work under the group number assigned to you along with
the title of todays lesson
o Ex. Group5Habitats

After whole class lesson and group work, class will meet together for a
quick re-cap of what the purpose of the days lesson was. Students will
review important concepts they learned in class.

8. Evaluation procedures: Students will save their work on Kidspiration and the
teacher will review for conceptual understanding.
9.Materials: Kidspiration, computer, internet access, pencil and paper, sticky
notes, chalk board, chalk

How do you accommodate students with: special needs, non-native,

and gifted.
- Since the students will be working in groups, the teacher needs to
have a group of these students to her. Therefore she can work as a
guide with them on the computer and the other activities taking place.
- If they activity becomes too much, the students may participate by
verbal responses instead of written ones.