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Basic Show Ring Etiquette

1. Enter you classes early and give yourself, plenty of time to get ready. If, you
are going to need a tack break between classes, please let it be known, when
you enter.
2. If, you are not sure what to enter or what the criteria for a class is-ask. It is
better to ask in advance, than be embarrassed in the ring, by not knowing
what you are supposed to do!
3. Be aware of the class in the ring and be at the entry gate in plenty of time
for your class, but do not crowd up, so that the class ahead cannot exit.
4. Have your number clearly displayed and your hair fixed in a manner, that it
does not obstruct your number from being viewed from the ground. If, you
place it on your blanket you should have one for each side. In some classes
and if you are riding more than one horse, sometimes you may be allowed
only one side (individual pattern classes).
5. If, you have a kicker, please braid or tie a red ribbon in your horses tail,
letting all that come near to beware!
6. If, you are riding more than one horse, sharing a horse or have to change
tack for the next class, ask for a tack break between the present class and
the next one, before entering the ring.
7. Enter the ring, at the called for gait and find a place on the rail. Give at least
2 horse lengths, between you and the horse in front of you.
8. Pass on the inside of a slow horse in front of you, do not pass on the rail ,
unless the horse is at least 3 horses wide off the rail or around the end, with
plenty of room between and call rail, please. Give plenty of room, when you
pass, at least 2 horse widths and give at least a horse length, when you go
back to the rail.
9. If, you are showing with a whip, be aware of where your whip is and use it
discreetly, not all horses are familiar or comfortable around whips. Also cue
quietly, do not disturb others!
10.Do not crowd up or cover the horse on the rail, either rate back, pass or
11.Give the horse ahead of you time to make transitions and take your time to
set your horse up to make a clean, controlled transition.
12.If a back is called for, on the rail, make sure that the horse behind you, has
given you plenty of space and do not back into another horse.
13.If, you cannot control your horse in the class, pull into the center and stand,
rather than upset the rest of the class.
14.Be courteous to the judge and other competitors.
15.Be friendly, smile and compliment things that you think are nice. We all like
16.Cheer for your competitors, when the places are awarded. We all like to be

17.Wait for the class to be penned, before exiting, unless you have a tack
change-then, ask if you may be excused.
18.When asked to clear the arena do so quickly a, as a courtesy to the judge,
management and other exhibitors.
19.Exit in the same manner, as you entered, giving plenty of room to the other
horses and clear the gate quickly, so that the next class may enter. Relax!
Have a good time and enjoy the show!