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Community Church


May 2016

Laura with FCC team

Costa Rica 2011 Cabecar Indian outreach

Pentecost Offering for World Missions

Each year FCC focuses the Pentecost Offering on a
different project where we have missionary connections. This
offering is over and above our budgeted partnership with
various missionary families throughout the year.
This years offering (May 15th) will be shared among
three projects. (1) Our FCC Nicaragua team will deliver a
donation for the local outreach ministry on Isla de Ometepe
this July. (2) FCC will give toward the purchase of a truck for
Costa Rica missionaries that will be used, in part, to pull
equipment to various work sites where short term teams
partner with local churches. (3) FCCs own Laura Conrad will
spend several months as a missionary intern this Fall/next
Spring at the Abraham Project in Costa Rica, then in
Monterrey Mexico.
Ask the Lord how He would have you participate :-)

FCC college team

Nicaragua 2012

Sundays 9:30am & 11:00am

Jr Church @ Half Time Sundays
Wednesday Youth / Kids / Women / Adults 6:30pm

Resurrection Sunday
Childrens Choir

We Are Family
Church is so much more than an hour once a week singing
songs and hearing a sermon. God sets believers in local church
families to encourage and support one another through lifes ups
and downs. Ideally we establish these friendships before we
ourselves need help by jumping in now and being a blessing to
others. Where are you plugging in? Who are you blessing?
Men-on-a-Mission was back in action again recently helping
out one of our FCC widows. Although the weather had been
warmer a week prior, the guys worked that morning in a Spring
snowstorm raking and picking up sticks. It was a surreal
experience culminating in a brunch and good conversation.

Men on a Mission
Richs 60th

55540 Apple Rd @ McKinley