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Name: Kathleen Nguyen Grade Level: 2nd Date: 3-14-16 Group Size: Small group, 4

Subject/Lesson Topic: Science / Parts of a plant

Objectives: (TLW:)
Students will be able to
Know the different parts of the plants
Know what parts of the plants that we eat
Describe structures of plants (e.g., roots, leaves, stems, flowers, seeds) (LS-E-A3)
Contextual Factors: (What contextual factors were considered when planning the lesson)
Public elementary school (pre-k through fifth grade)
Inclusion second grade class
There are 24 students in the class
The classroom contains students with various special needs, including students who are
gifted, students who may need extra resources, students with various levels of behavior,
developmental delays, and students who have emotional problems.
Teacher Materials/Resources:
Chart paper
Cut outs of plants that we eat (broccoli, carrots, lettuce, celeries, asparagus, etc)
Student Materials/Resources:
Technology Integration:
Family/Community Connection or Extension:
I will encourage parents and families to talk to the students about the different kinds of
plants that they may eat. I encourage the students to go to the grocery store with their
parents/family in order to see all the different plants and vegetables that are there.
I collaborated with my mentor teacher in order to plan this lesson for my students.
I will be able to see if the students understood the different parts of a plant by the whole
group lesson.

Lesson Procedure and Activities:

I will have a group of students sit at a table with me.
Did you guys know that there are many plants that we eat? Do you think you can name
As they are naming some, I will write down their ideas on a sheet of paper.
I will tell the students that we will create a chart about the parts of the plants and the
different parts that we eat.
You guys will create a chart of a plant with all of the parts that we learned about!
However, we will add something new this time. For each part of the plant, we will
also write the things that we eat that comes from those parts!
Give the students the materials needed (chart paper, cut out of plants).
The students will work together to draw their own plant and label the main parts
(roots, stem, leaves, flowers).
Then the students will use the pictures of the plants that are already cut out (broccoli,
carrots, lettuce, etc.) and have to figure out what part of the plants they come from.
The students will then have to glue those pictures at the right parts of the plant.
After gluing the pictures, the students will have to write what each of the pictures are.
I will allow the students to share what their favorite part of a plant that they like to eat
the most.
Students with special needs will have assistance from me whenever they need help. I
will help them label the plant if needed so. These students will also have extra time to
finish this assignment.
Students with behavior needs may have the opportunity to sit next to me while they
work on this assignment or away from their peers.
Students with different ability levels will have assistance if they are not able to color
or write. If students are not able to use a glue stick, I will allow them to use tape.
This lesson is nonbiased so it does not have any cultural differences.
Formative Assessment/Evaluation:
This will be an informal assessment. I will use a checklist see if the students were able to
work together to create their chart. I will see if they were able to label the correct parts of
the plants and if they put the correct vegetables in the right parts. I will assess the
students by groups.
Students were able to work

cooperatively with others

Students were able to label
the correct parts of the
Students were able to put
the correct vegetables in
the right parts