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MT. St.

Helens Elementary School

Second Grade Home Room
Number: 104
Home Room Teacher: Mr. Kelly
Contact Information:

Second Grade Welcome Back News Letter

Mission Statement and Vision: A student-centered community
focused on 21st-century skills and lifelong learning.
Idaho Common Core Standards for Second Grade Students
English Language Arts
& Literacy:
1) Ask and answer
such questions as who,
what, where, when,
why, and how to
demonstrate the
understanding of key
details in a text.
2) Recount stories,
including fables and
folktales from diverse
cultures, and
determine their central
message, lesson, or
3) Describe how
characters in a story
respond to major
events and challenges


Technical Subjects:

1) Represent and solve

problems involving
addition and

1) Identify and use

digital media and
environments to share

2) Add and subtract

within 20.

2) Identify issues in a
group setting using
digital tools.

3) Work with equal

groups of objects to
gain foundations for

3) Identify safe and

responsible use of
information and
technology such as
careful disclosure of
personal information.

MT. St. Helens Elementary School

Student Expectations:
I expect all students to come to class prepared and ready to learn. A list of school
supplys will be listed below. Also to treat their fellow students with respect and
courtesy, bullying will not be tolerated.

Role of Technology in the class:

Students will learn and use the computer and communications technology preparing
them for their future. Students will also learn the concepts of Netiquette and how it
applies to being responsible students.

Parental Involvement:
Parents are free to volunteer to assist in class projects and or events. If you have any
questions, please feel free to contact me or the information desk (222-333-4444) for
more information.

Highlights of the School Year.

Feb 23, 2016, Sanders Dairy Farm Tour (Cheese & Ice Cream Samples)
May 19, 2016, International Astronomers Day Family Outing: Bruno Dunes State Park
Observatory Friday 08PM-1000PM
June 3, 2016, Field Day (Sporting events and More)

Parental permission forms will be mailed or e-mailed to parents 2 weeks before

event. The can be delivered by the student or emailed back.
Sanders' Dairy Farm

1Bruno State Park Observatory 2015

Second Grade Supply List for the school year 2016

2 dozen #2 pencils, sharpened, 1 water color paints, 1 set of earbud/head phones,
2 boxes of 24 count crayons, 1 pair of safety scissors 1 large pink eraser
4 large glue sticks, 1 bottle of white school glue, 1 box of 8 multi-color markers,
4 dry erase markers, 1 (ten pack) color pencils, 3 (2 pockets) folders
3 wide rule composition notebooks, 1 ruler with standard and metric measurements,