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Days Absent:

_____________Practicum 2__________________________________________________

To determine your discussion grade reflect and comment upon the areas below. You get 5 points
per synchronous class for classroom discussion. Subtract 5 points for every day you have missed
(excused and unexcused) to determine your final score.
Total Points:

70/80 pts.

Did you come to class fully prepared? Did you finish all of your assignments on time? Did you do
all of the required reading?
I have to admit some of the times, I came to class and did not read or see the power points,
videos you wanted us to see before class on Tuesdays. I always read my assignments and always
made sure my work was done when due. I am a very organized person but when I switched to a
day shift job, I found it a little hard to remember that class was on Tuesdays.

Did you participate fully in class? Did you take turns being the recorder in small groups? Did you
serve as the spokesperson for your group? Did you take notes when needed?
Yes, I participated in class. There were a few times my mic was not working but I would type if
that was the case. I served as spokesperson a few times and I took notes on a few occasion. I
wrote on the white board once when we were broken into our small groups.

Did you think deeply and purposefully about the content of the course? Did you reflect upon the
information being introduced and connect it to your own experience? Did you help facilitate
small group discussion by asking good questions?
Yes, this course is why I am learning early childhood education. My goal is to open a day care
center where I live and everything I learn from my classes pertains to my goal in life. I have helps
raise a lot of children in my years and I am still learning. My job is now a family support worker
for children with small children and everything I am doing is tying into my main goal of giving
this community a high quality childcare center. I did ask a lot of questions in our small groups
and I did tell them my observations when we watched video. It is very informative to see another
persons point of view.

Did you give yourself permission to learn? Did you allow yourself to think from a new
perspective? Were you enthusiastic about learning?
Learning is part of my way of life. I feel everyday there is something else you can learn. You learn
from people, places, and interactions you have with everyone in your daily lives. I enjoy hearing
peoples perspectives, I may not agree with them but I do learn a lot about me and ideas from
listening to other people. I am always enthusiastic about learning, it helps us grow as individuals
when we can see other peoples view and have an open mind.