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4th Grade Richards

Miss Stephanie Kattoula

Objective: (specially identify what the learner
will be able to do as a result of the lesson)
Materials: (List texts, equipment, supplies)

SET/Hook: (Statement to get students

Procedure: (Step by step) (introduce, assess
prior knowledge, define, teaching, practicing
as a class)

Future Educator
Students will comprehend definitions of words
then utilize the words to make their own
Visual vocabulary cards
Laptop or iPad
Vocabulary & definition worksheet
White construction paper
Coloring supplies
Have students get a laptop or iPad and go to
kahoot.it to play a vocabulary game
1. Teacher will call up attention by saying
Mac & cheese, EVERYBODY
2. Teacher will direct students to clear
their desks except for a pencil, their
vocabulary & definition sheet, and
laptop or iPad
3. Have students get a laptop or iPad
4. Have them to kahoot.it, put in the game
pin, their name and play the game as a
5. After done, tell students to put to sleep
their computers or iPads
6. The teacher will start off by reading the
vocabulary word and showing the
picture on the front of the card under
the elmo
7. The teacher will ask students what they
think the definition is
8. The teacher will flip the car and have
the students copy the definition onto
their sheet
9. Continue for all 8 vocabulary words
10. Students will take constriction paper
and fold it 3 times to get 8 squares

4th Grade Richards

Miss Stephanie Kattoula
Future Educator
11. The teacher will demonstrate what to
do for each box
12. The students will write a sentence using
1 of the 8 vocabulary words in each
box and a picture for each sentence
13. Have kids work quietly on their
sentences and pictures
14. The teacher will be walking around the
class helping students
15. Collect construction paper and say to
students Today you learned 8 new
vocabulary words and their
16. Construction paper with sentences and
pictures, check students sentences to
see if they understand the definition of
the words
Questions: (list 4 questions to incorporate into
your lesson. Each question should represent a
different level of the New Blooms Taxonomy;
identify each level.)

Provide for students with physical,
social, or personal challenges (if any
are known)
Provide for at least two of the three:
visual, auditory, kinesthetic learners.
(state which/how you planned for)
Provide for at least two of the multiple
Intelligences. (State which ones you
planned for and how)
Closure: (statement or activity to complete the
lesson: summary, application)

1. Level 1: Label the vocabulary word you

2. Level 2: In your own words write sentences
using the vocabulary words
3. Level 3: Determine what vocabulary word to
4. Level 6: Write 8 sentences using all the
vocabulary words, 1 word per sentence

Social issues: Move Giselle and Grace

away from each other
Visual Issues- Let students who cant
see the board move up to the front of
the class
Visual- putting up the definitions of the
vocab words on the elmo
Auditory- saying the vocabulary
definitions out loud

Collect construction papers and say to students,

Today you learned 8 new vocabulary words

4th Grade Richards

Miss Stephanie Kattoula
Future Educator
Assessment: (create a physical way to prove a
student has met the objective: quiz, journal,
worksheet, chapter test)

and their definitions.

Later the teacher will give the students a
vocabulary test.