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It is our goal with this project to improve the methods used for collecting donations for Camp Hob.

years past, donations have been less than what is considered ideal. Through our efforts we can help
improve the amount of funds raised as well as public awareness of the camp.
Primary research will be our most useful tool as well as the main method we use to obtain our
information. The main philanthropy event supporting Camp Hob is set to take place on Saturday, March
26. Throughout the next week we will use our time in class to create an online survey/questionnaire that
will be available for the guests in attendance. Once the guests have filled out the survey, our team will be
able to analyze the results and hopefully come up with a more effective way to fundraise for Camp Hob
in the coming years.
Over the past 4 years, I have volunteered my time to help raise funds for Camp Hobe, a summer camp for
children with cancer. The camp is very expensive for the families to afford due to the staff and machinery
they must have on location. Their biggest problem is reaching out into the community to seek donations
for campers. I feel that we, as a class, could help them improve their communication methods so that
more people will be able to know about the program and hopefully donate so that more kids can go to
camp this upcoming summer. By creating flyers, brochures, and other forms of communication, I believe
we can help spread the word of Camp Hob to the masses.
I feel that my team and I would gain an understanding of business communication by working together, in
person or over the internet, to create a final project we are all happy with. If we were to help create a
more efficient advertisement for Camp Hob, the camp itself would hopefully see a rise in volunteers and
As Ive stated above, I have helped with fundraising efforts for Camp Hob over the past four years. I
have seen the avenues that are used in order to spread awareness of the program and I can say that they
do not reach out into he general public nearly as far as they should. Outreach efforts are essentially
limited to people that have volunteered or donated in the past, or families of current campers. There are
very few advertising methods used that would allow someone who has never heard of Camp Hob to be
bale to donate if they wanted to. That is the goal of my project. I want to create some sort of
advertisement that could be posted or displayed in public areas such as gas stations, grocery stores or
even news media outlets.
Materials and Methods
The only materials we would need for this project would be a computer loaded with desktop publishing
software and a group of motivated individuals. Another benefit of this project is that the fundraising events
are already planed out. All we as a class would need to do would be to create an advertisement fit for
public display.
Time Frame
As of now, our fund raising events are scheduled for March 22 nd, 24th, and 26th. I realize this is a limited
time window of preparation, but I firmly believe that our class is capable of completing the project in time,
even with Spring Break right around the corner. We would need the brochure/flyer/poster ready at least a
week in advance from the fundraising dates.

The only hurdles I can see is the time frame. A project like this usually spans several weeks, where we
would only have one week after Spring Break in order to fulfill the completion date.

The responsibilities for this project lay on all members to come up with effective questions for the survey.
I will be communicating with the program director to put the surveys into effect. Brett and Mallory will
assist in creating the questions as well as interpreting the answers. Once all of that is done we will create
a plan of attack to improve the contributions for the next fundraiser.
Our team will communicate via text, email, and phone call. Im confident that our team will communicate
effectively throughout the course of this project.
Decision Making Process
Our group will make decisions based off of the needs that may arise. For now, I am the acting captain
of this project since I have been involved with it before. Therefore, I will be making a majority of the large
scale decisions. Brett and Mallory will be assisting and advising me with these choices.
Based on my experiences with each member of my team, I have no fear of either of them being
unaccountable. Most of the work that is needed is easily divisible into portions that each member could
handle individually. By assigning a small portion to each member it keeps them on track so that the final
project will be easier to accomplish. Brett and Mallory both have excellent attendance so I am not worried
about their presence effecting this project.

Brett Allison:
Phone: (801) 722-4713
Email: balliso9@bruinmail.slcc.edu
Mallory Keovilayphone
Phone: (801) 971-4053
Email: mallorykvlphn@gmail.com

Organization Contact
The person I am working under and assisting is named Christopher Colling

Phone: (801) 680-8813

Email: christopherdcolling@gmail.com

Detailed Action Plan


During our classes on March 22nd and 24th my team and I will work on creating and publishing
a survey that will be administered to the banquet guests on Saturday.
The following week during our classes on the 29th and 31st our team will go over the survey
answers and recognize any patterns or consistencies with the surveys.
Once all of the surveys have been analyzed, our team will put together a presentation about
how fundraisers for Camp Hob could be more effective in the future.

We look forward to working with you,

Joseph Parker
Mallory Keovilayphone
Brett Allison