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There is a Chinese proverb once said: No Words in viewing Go is a true

gentleman while no regret after moving in chess is a real man., which is to

say one should respect others and restrict oneself and be responsible for what
he did. In my early ages, I was firmly caught by this game of small white and
black pieces mingled with oracular philosophy. Also my parents highlighted to
cultivate me in this field, and sent me to study from a professional teacher at
four years old. My teacher taught me many Go techniques, terminologies, but
unavoidably it would surpass my understanding at that age. However, the
study aroused my instinct to this game and helped me smoothly pass
amateur Level 2 in junior high school. This game did not only accompany my
childhood and adolescent age but more it opened me a wider world. Just as
related above, the game of Go in fact expresses quite a lot of Chinese
philosophy. It taught me principles of accepting loss before to gain, and how
to keep wild ambition but at the same time behave myself modestly. All of
these seemed conflictive while essentially united. Influenced by this, I
gradually extended my interesting to Asia philosophy and another important
kind of philosophy expression, literature, especially that of Chinese and
Japanese. I felt the entangled mood in Haruki Murakamis Norwegian Wood
when I first read Japanese literature. And later I was shocked by the delicate
description of Snow Country of Kawabata Yasunari. The hazy portrayals of
three protagonists and their tragedy fates, the collision between their
eagerness and crucial reality all made me sink in a vague melancholy for a
long time. I eagerly read his other works of Ancient City, Paper Crane and the
Mountain Sound in later period. Through exquisite writing, a shared traceless
sorrow and desolation flow among these protagonists living under different
backgrounds. Kawabata Yasunari, the most representative litterateur active in
twenty century deeply revealed his nations aesthetic preference of substance
sadness. And radiating from this point, I got in touch with aesthetics and
theories in comparative literature. For my two years study in America now, I
already stepped into the entrance level of Western Art. I am a hardware
enthusiast but also I am an art lover. My interesting in art including literature,
aesthetic and philosophy makes me perceive more beauty in traditional
culture and at the same time offers me a comprehensive view to evaluate our
yesterday, today and tomorrow and correspondently help me form a clearer
and more positive view of life and value.