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Name: Adrian Bassett

Draft submitted on time: YES NO

Participated in Peer Review: YES NO

Final submitted on time: YES NO

Audience, Purpose, and Subject

Essay has a snappy title that catches the readers attention and indicates the topic and
Answer two central inquiry questions:
1. How do the people in the selected social group or culture see themselves and their
2. AND a specific, purposeful, and significant focusing question of authors choosing.
Essay satisfies an academic motive that is specific, purposeful, and significant To observe, interview, describe members of a social group.
So that the essay might ultimately serve practical purposes: Discovering, proposing,
improving, or developing.
Essay focuses on detailed and relevant subject matter a subculture of people who:
Freely identify with a specific group AND
Can be studied in a specific, local setting







Structure & Development of Ideas

Essay includes a strong beginning that answers, Why this group? Includes sufficient
background information to provide context for the ethnography.
Tells a story about the group such as:
A typical day: What does it look like for group members?
Collage: a series of richly described scenes
Narrative: the story of your understanding of the culture from your research
Answers a focusing question by doing some or all of the following:
Providing background from research about other studies (if any) that have directly or
indirectly addressed the question.
Explaining interest in the question.
Explaining methods used to focus on the question.
Offering a theory, a possible answer to the question.
Using point of view effectively, selecting first or third purposefully.
Providing reasoning for close observation of this specific culture or group.
Recognizing the limitations on how much can be generalized from partial observations
and/or the necessarily restricted timeframe for this project.



Use of Evidence
Essay relies on evidence to support claims drawing from interview(s), observation(s),
relevant outside research, and/or artifacts.
Evidence is integrated properly and cited in a consistent format as needed.


Language and Style

Essay includes sensory details and vivid word choice in order to show rather than tell.
Uses exact and specific details. Sentences are lively, engaging, and relatively error free.
Effectively utilizes scene and setting, which can reveal additional things about the
culture/group and are thus important to crafting an ethnographic essay.
Author comes across as a credible writer and appeals to the values and emotions of the
Essay is 5-7 pages, double-spaced, in 12pt. TNR, with 1-inch margins, page numbers in
the header, plus a title, and a heading on the first page only including name, date, and
version of assignment.
Essay includes a Works Cited or Reference page with a list of all sources in MLA or
APA format.
Additional Comments: In addition to my margin comments (please read those carefully) I am also thinking about
background and context. While I know why you chose this topic because of our conversations, your motives do not
appear anywhere in the essay itself. Additionally, while I know exactly what you mean by profile, it is always good to
introduce and explain any outside ideas to help refresh the readers memory and/or provide background for any readers
who might be unfamiliar with your previous work. Finally, there is reference to Texas blogs but it should be clearer how
those blogs informed your thinking by formally introducing them as evidence and then summarizing, paraphrasing, or

quoting so that reader gets the idea. Lots of places to clean up language avoid would or could in favor of simple past
or present tense. I really like your structure and approach. This is going to be something when finished!