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Joshua Pruden

9 Humboldt Avenue
Winnipeg Manitoba R2M 0L9

+1 (204) 297-6832

To attain the Full-Time Term TechEd position at Clearspring Middle


Steinbach Regional
Secondary School
Steinbach, MB
Industrial Arts
Dec 2015-Current
HS Paul School
Winnipeg MB
Grade 5-6 Classroom
January 2015- May 2015

Developed curricular outcomes for Try-a-Trade Electrical program

Planned course projects with an emphasis on hands on learning
Taught to various multiple intelligence's

Developed a unit plan for a grade 5-6 classroom which spanned 6

Implemented hands on leaning with the use of project and inquiry
based learning
Planned and facilitated a classroom field trip on a $2 per student

Windsor Park Collegiate

Winnipeg MB
Grade 7-12 Metalworking
Grade 7-12 Woodworking
Chief Peguis Jr High
Winnipeg MB
Grade 7,8 Woodworking
Grade 7,8 Graphic Arts

Designed and implemented grade 7 cell phone cradle project

Taught and ran grade 9 strum stick guitar project
Assistant coach to high school soccer team
Maintained perfect safety record with students

Integrated motion control into graphic arts with the use of a Microsoft
Implemented and taught curriculum outcomes
Maintained perfect safety record with students

University of Winnipeg/ Red River College (2010-2015)
Industrial Arts Teacher Education Joint program
University of Winnipeg (2010-2015)
Three year Bachelor of Arts Geography
University of Winnipeg (2010-2015)
Bachelor of Education
Winnipeg Technical College (2007-2008)
Electrical Applications

Affiliations/ Awards

Coaching badminton, volleyball, indoor/outdoor soccer

Space applications after school program

Manufacturing specialist with the University of Manitoba UMSATS

satellite team
Winner of 2013 the NASA International Space Applications
Challenge in Winnipeg, finalist internationally


Gord Price (Red River College Instructor)

Office: (204) 632-2207
James Gibson (Vice Principal SRSS)
Cell: (204) 326-6426
Alfredo Coreas (Cooperating Teacher HS Paul School)
Office: (204) 254-7477

Philosophy of Education
My philosophy of education revolves around three key points. The first being safety in the
classroom, every student has the right to be in a classroom free of fear and danger. In an
industrial arts classroom safety of students working machines and processes is key for success in
the shop. Students need to prove their proficiency before operating any machinery in the course.
However that is the literal meaning of safety. The real meaning of safety however comes in the
form of a classroom free of harassment, bullying, physical abuse and out casting from peers and
from educators. In my classroom students need to feel welcomed, safe and be in an environment
which promotes learning.

The second point is that our students need to learn in a cohesive environment with a focus on
cross curricular education. Each faculty should be working in unison ensuring the skills and
abilities we want our students to attain throughout their time in our classrooms are met.
Mathematics should not only be taught in math class once a day, however it should be reinforced
in other subjects through projects and larger lessons in other courses. STEM education should be
a focus for our students with larger projects being run which culminates aspects from all courses
into one large focus of study for our students.

Finally the last point is we need to develop out students to be responsible and aware adults with
a focus on sustainability. Sustainability is so much more than just preserving our physical
environment, it encompasses so much more of our lives. Sustainability should focus on our
social lives, physical environment as well as our economy. We need to teach our students to be
responsible citizens and to beware of issues in politics, global issues and inclusive living. With
these three points I feel we can develop well rounded students who will be ready to contribute to
our society for a better tomorrow.