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6329 Shirey Lane

Centreville, VA. 20121
Telephone # 703-803-2960
Email - mwilsan@outlook.com
Dear Sir/Madam
I am writing this letter to express my interest in becoming an early childhood
educator at your school. I am a dedicated and qualified early childhood
teacher with a passion for childrens learning and care. I have experience
working in preschool environments with children of various ages. In my
current role I am responsible for implementing creative interactive play
activities. I observe and report to families on their child development and
learning, and have develop a rapport with children, families, staff, and
I love using my knowledge of early childhood teaching methods and
techniques to help with the development and learning of young children. I
offer a vibrant friendly and nurturing personality that would be a perfect fit
for early learners and your program. For 19 years I have worked as a child
care teacher in a private setting as manager. Through this experience I am
able to experience a wide variety of teaching philosophies were creative
exploration is encouraged, and children learn through materials, involvement
with people, events, and ideas. As a result I am able to think quickly and
adapt lesson plans as needed. I have a passion for teaching young learners
of all cultures, I know I would be the perfect person for this job.
If you are looking for someone to help your youngest learners transition
from home into the exciting world of learning Im the early childhood
educator for you. I can be reached by calling the number listed above or
through email. I look forward to hearing from you.
Thank You
Sandra Myers


6329 Shirey Lane

Centreville, VA. 20121
Email mwilsan@outlook.com
Objective: To obtain a challenging position in the Early Childhood Education
field where I can provide guidance to children as they explore
their learning environment.
Professional Experience - Ms. Sandys Fun to Learn Family Home Child Care
Child Care Manager/Owner/Operator
Years of experience)

January 5, 1997 - Present (19

Administration Operational Responsibilities

Compliance with standards and terms of license issued by Virginia

Department of Social Services.
Compliance with the child care policies that have been disclosed to the
Financial responsibility, maintain balance sheet, and income record.
Maintain background checks, and references as required by the division of
licensing programs.
Provide activities and services in an environment that reasonably protects the
physical and mental well-being of children in care.
Responsible for the homes day to day operation, supervision of staff,
activities, services and facility at all times.

General Record Keeping

Maintain a written record of children in attendance each day.

Maintain up to date children, and staff records in the child care and make
accessible to licensing representative as needed.
Maintain in the childs record as needed any special treatment needed
pertaining to medication, diet, allergy, restrictions in activities that are
necessary for the health of the child.
Provide written information for parents on the policy for the administration of
medication, emergency preparedness and response plan and any required
information as it pertains to the health and safety of their child.

Physical Environment and Equipment Maintenance

Ensured the inside and outside areas and furnishings are maintained in
a clean, safe, and operable condition.
Ensured that U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission recalled items
are discarded.


Ensured Hanging items, suffocation, choking and strangulation hazards

are out of reach of children under five years of age.
Complied with the requirements or recommendations made by the fire
prevention or building officials to eliminate fire hazards, ensured fire
extinguishers and smoke detectors are checked monthly and service as
needed, and completed monthly fire drills during different work shifts.

Care of Children

Provide staffing necessary to care for and supervise the children based
on their chronological and functional age.
Provide age appropriate activities for all children in care while playing
indoors or outdoors, and while sleeping; also provide observation,
direct care and supervision of each child at all times meaning being
near enough to intervene if needed in any situation.
Provide opportunities for structured and unstructured play time, and
provider directed and child-initiated learning activities.
Provide daily opportunities and activities for infants, toddlers, and
preschoolers language development (reading, picture books, music,
songs, interaction with adults and other children).
Provide needed guidance, comfort, and support to promote the childs
physical, intellectual, social, and emotional well-being and growth.
Provide opportunities for children to learn about themselves, others,
and the world around them through exploring differences in cultural,
ethnic, and family backgrounds, and ways of getting along.
Encourage independence, self- direction, and decision-making abilities
to enhance the total development of children.
Assist children with behavioral guidance through, modeling, and
redirecting helping them to constructively express their feelings and
frustration to resolve conflict.
Provide daily verbal or written information to parents about their
childs health, development, behavior, adjustment, or needs.
Ensure that the childrens daily nutritional needs are meet over the
course of the day adhering to the USDA food program
Professional Experience Continue

April 1989 - December 1996 - Fairfax Falls Church Community Services

Board Program Manager (7 years of experience)
December 1985 - April 1989 - Fairfax Falls Church CSB Residential
Therapist 1 (4 years of experience)


October 1984 - April 1989 - City of Alexandria, VA., Division of Special

Needs Residential Counselor
July 1979 - October 1984 - Wilson, NC., Wilson Green Mental Health
Center/ARC - Respite care Program Cottage Parent/Disabilities Group
Home Assistant Manager
Career Studies Certificate, State License Child Care Provider,
Medication Administration Training (MAT), CPR, First Aid