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Opening New Horizons Contents 02 Company Profile 05 HDPE Pipes & Fittings PE 00 Pipes HOPE Fitings IE Fision Machines 08 Pipe Supports/Cladding I Fexbi Sprintor Drop Mi Fasteners HL Fre Proct cluding 11 ‘Smoke Management IL srote Coins Dampere Fie Rated Duct 14 Valves.(( (Chilled Water). Fob Vata Redkede 03 Product List with Applications 06 Other Pipes & Fittings i Prelnaultes Pipes Duct ron Pipos Ductile ron Fittings 09 Accessories Expansion Joints I Fite Performance Cable Conduite PVCItoet) 12 Kitchen Ventillation ‘ogy Unit Ozone Monitoring System WE Carbon Fiters 15 Valves (Plumbing) Chiles Wate aves Plumbing Valves Industrial Valves Pp} TechnoPro 04 Steel Pipes & Fittings I seanses ies HL ErW rine Bip rings 07 Seismic Protection WE Swey Bracing Fre Loop Hl Pie Hengers & Cieros 10 ‘Smoke Management I Site Manager Stam I Commercial rust! Fone I Sete Vone 13 Ventillation Systems. Ii Spocialzod Eng. Service HE Domestic Fans HE Notuel Ventilators 16 Values TechnoPro Middle East Fzco, an ISO 9001 2008 registered company has long since been a leading supplier of Steel pipes and fittings. Over the years with excellent business dealings, support of our highly valued customers and distinguished principals, we are today considered a Complete Solutions Provider for a range of HVAC products. With a strong leadership and dedicated personnel, we today in addition to a wide range of Seamless and ERW pipes with fully compatible fittings, also offer everything needed for the complete piping systems such 2s, pipe hangers, supports, threaded rods, seismic protection, expansion joints, ete. Company Profile Over the years with excellent business dealing, support of our highly valued customers and distinguished principals, we are today considered a Complete Solutions Provider for a range of HVAC products and piping systems. We supply the best in Steel/Ductile Iron/CPVC & above all, FIM approved HDPE pipes and fittings for the full range SDR7.4, SDR9, SDR11 & DR9, HDPE pipes and fittings are for Fire, Gas & Water applications ie including drainage, sewage and potable water use. Full Ventilation Systems including smoke fans. extract, flame / explosion proof and jet fans, with chilled water and plumbing valves including ¥ange-of balancing valves and an With representations in every Emirate in UAE innovative FCU valve assembly package and all major GCC Countries, a huge state-of- (unique for its space and cost saving qualities) _ the-art facility in close proximity to the Jebel Ali manufactured by a 50 year old Italian company, port and with a highly qualified and well with considerable market expertise and experienced support team, we at TechnoPro technical know-how. truly qualify to be your smart choice. Our exclusive range of innovative, cost-effective Offering you high quality, certified and reliable and eco-friendly products are manufactured, products with full technical support at all stages assembled and factory tested in Europe/USA —_ of designing, selection, supply, installation and complying with all international standards and maintenance, indeed, Technopro stands out as meeting all approvals. In addition we also your complete solutions provider. offer complete system design & selection services using updated specialized software's along with technical expertise from our princ- pals in Europe/USA. A brief product list with applications Sled! Pipes (Seamless & ERW) ~ Galvanized/Black Pre-Insulated Pipes (HOPE / Steel) HOPE Pipes & Filings for Fire /Gas / Welter Ductile ron Pipes & Fittings ‘Gl/Red Grooved Fittings 1” to 20° ‘GV/Biack Threaded Fittings (34 Bar Pressure) Pipe Hanger & Support / Seismic protection FireLoop for seismic design UL Listed Flexible Sprinkler Drop UL/ FM Valves for builging Valves Industrial / Oil & Gas Ventilation Systems ( Electric & Fire rated ) Ecology Unit / Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) Pipes & Fittings (Steel) Shield - Seamless & ERW Steel Pipes ‘A global leader in the supply of Seamless Pipes and Welded Pipes. Black and galvanized with top approvals. ® Appreciated and accepted worldwide UL Seamless carbon stes! pipes and ERW ste! Pipes conforming to ASTM ASS Grade B or API 5L. pipes with different wall thickness. (UL upto 12" size) Fron Nomina Pipe Si emnnen tee ye Black and hot dipped galvanized steel ERW pipes ‘conforming to BS:1387:1985 Equi. EN 10255 Working ssure Pipes, & Fittings (HDPE) Shield HDPE Pipes & Fittings - FM Approved Manufactured in different sizes in accordance to 1S0.4427/4437 & AWWA C906 standards. Full range of pipes and fittings FM approved with SDR7.4 , ‘SDR9 & SDR11,Class 200 DRB....etc. *» PE100 pipes manufactured from 100% Virgin raw ators vith highor prossure ratings. * State-of-the-art manufacturing unit using lates technologies and annually caltrated equipments, * Onine Ultrasonic system used to control diameter Fire Nat aw Ker) Meter ‘Supply full range of Electro Fusion and Butt Fusion Fittings '* FM Approved segmented fitings manufactured from the same n me manufacturer Electro Fusion Machine Butt Fusion Machine seme SDA - equel pressure rating and from 2 for executing the job, in ackition to suppy-cnly option Pipes & Fittings (Pre Insulated & Ductile Iron) ac For maintaining the temperature of the fluid in the pipes. Insulated Pipes & Fittings Widely used for District Cooling, Heating, Steam, Gas, Oil and other Industral applications. + Energy and long run cost seving. ‘+ Early detection in the rare event of leaks, with litle effort and expense by placing moritoring lines inside into the insulation material ‘+ Longer operating lite. ‘+ Designed as per requirement, lower maintenance cost. + Alltype of fittings are availeble, eloow, Tee fittings etc. D ‘© Ductile Iron pipes of high quslty with full international cettiications including UL/FM approval conforming to ISO & AWWA standards. © Pipes and fittings are externally Zinc and Bitumen coated interally Cement mortar ned in 2 wide range and sizes. © Othor pipes and fitings with special coatings are also available, technoprome.com ‘+ UL sted and FM approved mecting NFPA 13 soimic requirements. + Easy to install, time saving and cos! effective solutions for your fire protection, HVAC & other installations, ions and quicker to assemble, replace traditional labor intensive methods. © Offers choioe of Rigid Sway Bracing (Lateral & Longitudinal) Cable Sway Bracing (helpful for elongated drops) Branch Line Restraint Sysiem (ideal for new applications) = Also, ably supported by al required bracing kits, accessories and tools. © Innovative d construction ‘Simply a smart solution ~ simpifies seismic design to protect piping system against Earth swings Incredibly flexible, movement in every direction. Accommodates +/- 4, 8 inches of pipe movernent, Minimal pressure loss, needs less epace. Pipe Hangers & Clamps “a Designed for the suspension of stationary pipe lines. »Reduired adjustments are posiobie efter instalation. \'e\ \Redudes vibration and sound BO Ae ee ms [|\ RRR Rater etre sinc PROS \ \ A Pipe Supports Flexible Sprinkler Drop © Designed to significantly reduce labor and installation costs. © Quick & easy to install - saves time and money, © Working Pressure: 175/200psi Temperature: 225° ‘© Avaliable in 5 different lengths (both braided and unbraided) with 1%” or 34” NPT on reducer thread! RTT) ‘© High qualty galvanized threaded rads with q Optimum load alssorbing capacity, fel 7 _ en ae es fitti/ [oo pea ine la © Available in a range of sizes Fire Proof Cladding