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Lesson 3: Containing Communism Abroad


By defining key international conflicts America was involved in

during the Cold War and using lesson 1 knowledge -i.e. Truman
Doctrine; the understanding as to why it was necessary for the
United States to be a regional hegemony is important to how the
U.S reacted to these major international conflicts (i.e. Berlin
crisis, Cuba, Korea). The U.S began to contain communism
internationally and from lesson 2, students will know the reason
behind getting involved was based out of hysteria and fear.
Students will recognize the significance of the "domino theory,"
to understand the meaning behind conflicts abroad; in order to
move on the lesson 4/5- an examination of U.S foreign policy
during the Vietnam War. These hot spot conflicts were in some
cases the height of the Cold War.
1. Why did the Bay of Pigs incident, the Korean War, the
Cuban Missile Crisis, and the Berlin Crisis become an
issue of the Cold War?
2. What reasons were given for each issue as the U.S
began to involve itself in more external matters?

Essential Questions

Fun Fact of the Day

The Soviet Union shot down a Korean civilian Boeing 747 that
unknowingly entered its airspace during the Cold War, killing all
269 passengers. This incident prompted the U.S. to make the
GPS technology available for civilian use.

Degani, Asaf (September 18, 2001). "Korean Air Lines Flight 007:
Lessons From the Past and Insights for the Future" (PDF). NASA Ames
Research Center: NASA. Retrieved January 10, 2009.

Word Perspective

History Social-Science

Rise of communism in Cuba- Fidel Castro

Soviet and Korean Relations

11.9.3- Trace the origins and geopolitical consequences (foreign

and domestic) of the Cold War and containment policy, including
the following:

The Berlin Blockade

The Korean War
The Bay of Pigs invasion and the Cuban missile

History Social-Science

RH1 Key Ideas and Details (Grade 11-12)

Literacy Standards

RH4 Key Ideas and Details (Grade 11-12)

WHST 4 Production/Distribution of Writing (Grade 11-12)

WHST 5 Production/Distribution of Writing (Grade 11-12)

Students Will Be Able To

Lesson Agenda
(60 mins)

1. Identify, Discuss, and locate key hot spots of the Cold

2. Apply the hardships of Americans in the Korean War to an
everyday life item (Tootsie Roll Experiment)

5 mins Collect Journals for grading, address rising tensions

internationally with the Cold War, juxtapose from the domestic
view from previous lecture
30mins- Lecture Via PowerPoint
20 mins- Synopsis of the Korean War
5 mins- Explain and begin Tootsie Roll handout


Tootsie Rolls
Chosin Few videos

1. Tootsie Roll Handout




1. Tootsie Roll Handout (Home Work)

2. Map identification Quiz(administer next class meet)


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