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Formal Lesson Plan Template

Name: Faith Robin Buchin

Subject: Marine Biology
Content Standard:
Choose ONE standard. Be
sure to write out the entire
standard, not just the number.

Learning Objective:

Anticipatory Set:

Choose ONE objective

that leads toward
mastery of the standard
Must be specific,
measurable, and
Must have at least two
parts: learning and
Sometimes called a
"hook" to grab the
student's attention
Focuses student
attention on the
objective and the
purpose of the lesson
Activates prior
Requires ACTIVE
ALL learners

Using effective and varied
strategies, the teacher
provides information for
students to gain the concept,
strategy, or skill.

Demonstrate and show
examples of what students
are expected to do (how to
solve the problem, answer the
question, do the activity etc.).

Check for

Various strategies that

are ongoing throughout
the entire lesson.
Enables teacher to

M5A1 Lesson #2

Pima Course: EDC 292

Topic: Polar Bear Tracking

Grade Level: 10-12 Duration of Lesson: 50 min

Description of Plan
SS.HS.S4C3PO2 Strand 4: Life Science, Concept 3: Interdependence of OrganismsAnalyze the relationships among various organisms and their environment, PO 2:
Describe how organisms are influenced by a particular combination of biotic and
abiotic factors in an environment
SWBAT work in collaborative groups using the PBI tracker to observe and analyze
data gathered by tracking polar bears, and then answer questions regarding the
movements of polar bears on Hudson Bay using the data they obtained with 80%

# of

The Bellwork and the Background Information paragraphs students will read and
summarize. Bellwork: Name 3 reasons the sea ice is critical for polar bear survival. (For
feeding, mating, giving birth, may also include habitat)


With global warming affecting the sea ice, polar bears habitat is becoming smaller. Loss
of sea ice leads to a decline in the polar bear population due to reduced access to food
sources, loss of denning sites, lower cub survival rates, increase in drowning, increase in
cannibalism and decline in overall body condition.

The PowerPoint presentation on tracking polar bears

What are scientists studying? How are scientists studying polar bears? What do scientists
learn from the research? What can we do to improve the situation?
>8/10ths coverage (sea ice layer) Marginal Ice Zone Polar bear subpopulations
Satellite collars Radio Telemetry Tracking Sea Ice

Going to the Tracker website and demonstrating how it works and what
information may be obtained

Asking students to put their thumbs up during the lesson to ensure understanding, or
thumbs down if they do not understand


Formal Lesson Plan Template

determine whether ALL
students have "gotten it."

Guided Practice:
An opportunity for each
student to demonstrate new
learning by working through
an activity or exercise with the
teachers guidance.


Actions or statements
made by teachers AND
students that summarize
lesson objectives.
Essential for helping
students integrate ideas,
make sense out of what
has just been taught,
and to improve their
chances of retention and
Must be done BEFORE
Independent Practice

Independent Practice:
AFTER proper closure, it is
important to provide time for
additional practice. It may be
group or individual work in
class or it might be


The formative and/or
summative assessments that
are aligned with the objective.




How you will reach diverse
learners by varying the:



21st Century Learning:
Includes technology as well
as the 4 Cs: Critical Thinking,
Creativity, Collaboration, and

The questions on the worksheet regarding the movements and information about polar

Students will write a 5 minute reflection on what they learned about polar bear
movements, their young, and survival.


Additional use of the Polar Bear Tracker to continue watching movements and follow
statistics on polar bears

Exit Ticket which reflects the information in the presentation and tracker
Exit Ticket: 1. Name at least 2 ways humans can ensure the survival of polar bears.
2. Why do scientists study polar bears?
Worksheet with background information and vocabulary words has questions on the back
which can be answered from the reading and website. If all are answered correctly,
students will receive 20 points.

Provide students with a copy of the Power Point presentation. In addition, students will
receive a practice sheet with sentences from the presentation that have blanks where key
words belong. Students will have to fill in the key words.


Promethean Board
Clicker/laser pointer
Smart phone


List of Materials, Handouts and other Supplemental Documents:

Polar Bear Tracker Worksheet
Polar Bear PowerPoint
No textbook necessary