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Standard 7: Engaging with Parents and Carers

Note the focus area and standard

Note the type of

Describe the document / artefact and

Describe how the document /

descriptor/s the artefact /

artefact / document

indicate the possible impact or result of the

artefact meets the standard

document reflects

artefact / document on teaching and/ or

descriptors you have identified.


This artefact is a

student learning
One of the goals of my professional

The letter clearly meets some of

Engage parents/ carers in the

personal letter that was

experience was to develop relationships

the Australian Professional

educative process

sent to the parents in

with parents and get more involved with

Standards of Teachers identified.

Describe a broad range of

my final two

communicating and interacting with them.

strategies for involving


parents/carers in the educative


Sending a letter home to parents

I wrote a letter where I introduced myself,

and carers introducing myself and

This letter was sent to

where and what I was studying. I explained

what I would be doing within the

the parents to

the duration of my practicums and that I

classroom for the duration of the

introduce myself and

would be teaching some lessons.

practicum (APST: 7.1).

explain that I would be

Meet professional ethics and

a student teacher

During this time I built the confidence up to

I communicated effectively and


within the classroom

communicate with parents before and after

positively engage with parents

and would be teaching


and carers before/ after school

some lessons.

Also during the four weeks of my

times and in parent/teacher

professional experience I asked to attend

interviews (APST: 7.3).

Understand and apply the key

principles described in codes of
ethics and conduct for the
teaching profession.

parent/teacher interviews before and after

This allowed the

school which allowed me to recognise some

I developed professional

parents to understand

of the concerns teachers or parents may

relationships with parents during

why I was within the

have about a child.

my practicum which allowed me

classroom and what

Engage with the parents/carers
Understand strategies for working
effectively, sensitively and
confidentially with parents/carers.

to feel confident and recognise

my responsibilities

After building professional relationships with

the importance of a professional

were. It also allowed

parents I was able to recognise the diversity

teacher/parent relationship. I was

the parents to feel

of the parents and their concerns about their

also able to understand the

comfortable with

childs learning.

teachers responsibilities in

introducing themselves

maintaining healthy patent

as the parent of the

relationships. (APST: 3.7).


Artefact: Letter to parents

Dear parents and carers of class P/1O.
My name is Samantha Harbulot and I am a preservice teacher from Southern Cross University in Coolangatta. I
am studying Primary Education and specialising in Special Education. I am currently in my fourth year of
University and will be graduating this year.
I feel that it is important to introduce myself to you and inform you that I will be teaching and getting to know your
children over two four week blocks during February and May.
Please feel free to drop past the classroom to say hi and ask any questions you may have.
I am looking forward to getting to know the class and meeting everyone.

Yours Sincerely,
Miss Samantha Harbulot

*Additional evidence