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Jazlyne Minero

Ms. Marlowe
Expository 3
11 February, 2016

Narrative Essay
Throughout the process of the Strengths assignment, I was able to learn different
strengths I have as a person, and I was also able to learn what each of them meant. My top
strength was a developer. A developer is simply a person who focuses on potential, and loves
growing and learning, and is a person who enjoys seeing others learn and grow. With this
information I was able to find out more about my characteristic and exactly what it meant. My
second strength was an empathizer. An empathizer is one who is sensitive to others emotions,
and is able to put what they are feeling into words. As being a person who always wants to help
others and be for there for them in any way I can. I tend to put the emotions of others first. My
post high school plans are to go to college and study to become a speech pathologist. I believe
that being an empathizer will definitely help in my hopeful career, because it helps me attend to
each of the persons needs. Thirdly, my strength is meeting people. This strength is shown as
someone who enjoys meeting strangers and gets their energy off of people. This personality trait
could not describe me more perfectly. I have always been one to talk to random people and end
up making friends with them. Ive always found it intriguing to meet someone new and hear their
story. Having this trait will help me greatly, because it keeps me connected with others by being

1. Developer- focuses on potential and believes experiences help learn and grow. Loves watching
people grow and evolve.
2. Empathize- Senses others emotions, and put words into what others are feeling. They
empathize people and love saying that right words.
3. Meet people- find strangers energizing and exciting. A person is who and confident and can
move on. Wins over others and engages others.
4. Focusing- can determine priorities, and keep a group focused on the main objective.
5. Connectedness- believes free will and responsibility for action. Person is sensitive, considerate
and accepting. Also known as the bridge builder.
6. Belief- extremely family oriented or spiritual. Core beliefs are most valuable to the person.
Easy to trust and dependable.
7. Individualize- works productively in teams, doesnt classify others in categories, and loves
uniqueness of a person.
8. Futurist- seen as a dreamer, inspires others to believe.
9. Includer- include people and make them feel part of the group. Avoids situations that put
others down, and is accepting of all types of people.

10. Responsible- takes emotional and psychological ownership of project committed. Feels
guilty when they cant deliver a promise.