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Product: Card Game - Troublesome Tales

Info: Suits three and more players. Players can alter rules on scoring and time limit how they
please. Warning: the cards are to help influence your story and their description is meant to be
an instruction or example.

Scoring: The Storyteller spends three minutes telling a story. Every Add card the Storyteller
successfully implements into his story is one point but every time a Listener stops a story that
Listener will get two points. If a card that was played still unused by the time-limit than the one
who played that card will get a point.

Starting Rules: Players take turns as the Storyteller while everyone else plays the Listeners.
Once the rounds Storyteller is decided He will deal 5 - 7 Add cards to each Listener. Once that
is done he will draw a card from the Story Deck and will use that as the base of his story.

Storyteller Rules:
You will spend three minutes telling a story based on the card you drew from the Story Deck. If
a listener gets your attention to play a card you are to do you best to add what the card says to
your story. If you successfully incorporate the card into your story you get a point, but if fail you
to do so, your round will end and the listener will get two points. It is preferable if you
incorporate Add card to preexisting characters.

Listener Rules:
The Listeners are to quietly listen to the story and use the cards you were dealt at the Start of
the round. When you want to play a card tell the story teller to add the card and then show them
the card you are playing. If the Storyteller is breaking you can vote to disqualify him (details
under Disqualification).
Each time you play a card, draw a new card from the Add Deck.
You cant play are card in the last 30 seconds, this way the Storyteller has a chance to
incorporate any cards that have yet to be used.

Round End:
The round can end in one of three ways. First is that The Storyteller tells his story for the whole
three minutes. The second way is that a listener successfully stops the Storytellers story. The
last way for the round to end is if the Storyteller gets disqualified (Details under Disqualification).
The Listener that stops the Storytellers story become the next rounds Storyteller; If that is not
the case then the next rounds Storyteller is chosen by the previous Storyteller.

If a majority of the listeners agree that the Storyteller is breaking one or more of these rules his
turn will instantly end and move on to the next Storytellers round. For Listeners to disqualify the
Storyteller they must take a vote where the Listeners will first discuss the the reason he is being

disqualified and then announce the reason, the Listeners will then, with a show of hands vote if
he broke the rules or not.
Refrain from cussing or anything else that might hinder gameplay.
If you continue to ramble nonsense after a listener plays a card that you are unable to
The Storyteller can not go back to edit the story at any time.

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