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Caliandra Burchett

Spanish I Lesson Plan 4/11/16

Subject(s): Chapter 9 Vocabulary
1.7.1 Recognize cognates and words shared between English and the target
1.2.1 Comprehending Oral Language Understand and respond to basic
greetings, requests, commands, and directions. Demonstrate comprehension of
basic words and phrases in the target language, spoken by native and non- native
1.2.3 Strategies for Comprehending Oral and Written Languages: Use
cognates, familiar vocabulary, or background knowledge to make educated
guesses about meaning.
Objectives: Objectives should be concrete and specific *ALL IN THE TARGET
The students will be able to use prior knowledge of the language and vocabulary
in order to make connections to the Chapter 9 theme of shopping.
The students will immediately walk into the door and read the agenda and
learning targets for the day. They will then be asked to take out their vocab lists and work
on completing them. If students have already completed the vocabulary lists, they may
review the words and quiz one another. After about 5 minutes, the teacher will then
conduct a game of Simn dice, which will be a review over clothes vocabulary for the
students. After this review activity, the teacher will then begin going over the Chapter 9
vocabulary PowerPoint with the students. The teacher will only go over the 1st part of the
vocabulary. Then, the teacher will hand out an organizer where the students must draw,
and color each fruit and vegetable from their list. Before the end of class, the teacher will
remind the students that their vocabulary lists are due the following day and if they were
not able to complete the fruits and vegetables organizer, they will have time to do so the
following day.
Chapter 9 Vocabulary lists
TPR List of Activities
Fruit/Vegetable organizer
Vocabulary PPT
Activity/Warm-up/Review: The students will immediately walk in and read the
sideboard that has the agenda and learning target of the day written. The teacher

will allow 5 minutes for the students to work on their Chapter 9 vocabulary lists.
If some students have already completed their lists, they may review the words.

Activtiy#1: The teacher will play Simn dice a game that touches on the
students Background Knowledge over clothes vocabulary that they learned from a
previous chapter. In order to play this game the teacher will say, Simn dice.
and then the teacher will ask that the students complete a movement based off of
their clothing vocabulary.
Simn dice toca tus pantalones (The students will then have to
touch their pants if they are wearing them). If the student does not
understand what is being said, or does not correctly complete the
task, they must sit down. If the teacher does not say Simn dice
before asking the students to complete a task, the students should
not complete it, but if they do they must sit down. The last person
standing is the winner.

Teacher Presentation #1: After the students have had a review over some of the
vocabulary for Chapter 9, the teacher will then go over a PowerPoint that contains
the vocabulary for Chapter 9. The teacher will only go over the 1st part of the
vocabulary from the list.

Activity#2: The teacher will handout an organizer for the students to complete
that consists of 12 empty boxes where they must draw and color each fruit and
vegetable from their vocab lists.

Wrap-up/Closure: The teacher will remind the students that their vocabulary lists
both the regular and tambin se dice are due tomorrow before class. If they did
not complete the organizer over fruits and vegetables, they will be able to work on
it the following day as a bell ringer.