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HEnk!! HeNk! HEnK!! hENK!!!

The alarm clock rang loudly,

ringing the room randomly with harsh tones.
A lightly tan hand rose among the sea of sky-blue blankets
in vain attempts to punch the digital clock quiet. HEnK!
HenK!!! HENK!!!
The agitated hand grew wild with whirly desperations;
frustrated, the hand crawled back into the blue and dark
abyss of the blankets and closed the entrance tightly,
trying to shut the noise out.

HEENNNK! HnK!! NK!! K. H The hands clasped about some ears,

blocking out the noise to capture the last few moments of sleep.
Its time to wake up dear, breakfast is at the table. said a motherly
But Mom... I dont want to go! whimpered a soft yet whiny voice.
Its time for school today dear, BREAKFEST is at the table. responded
the stern, motherly voice.

A sigh sounds out of the soothing blankets.

The blankets flew out from the bed and from here, a boy is revealed.
He appears lightly tan, wearing pajamas that depicted repeating
pictures of brave knights fighting fierce dragons. The boy belted a
loud yawn and walked sluggishly towards the table where breakfast

As the boy munches on his toast, and slurps up his cereal; he tries
to read the back of the cereal box. The letters that make up the
words appear random, jumbled, and scrambled like the corn flakes
in his bowl.
Mom, what does 5 Svae btpx do pbs gt uprzee asper mean?
The mother quickly picks up the box to see what her son was
talking about. She scans the words, and then shakes her head.
Barry honey, it says Save 5 box tops and get a super prize. It
means if we got 4 more boxes of this cereal, you could get a
Barry laughs at her mothers way of exaggeration but then quickly
frowns, realizing he read it wrong again

The bus is here, Barry. Get ready because its time for school. his
Mother said.
Barry dashes off to his room like a bolt of lightning. While he doesnt
particularly like school, the anticipation for recess, lunch, and lunch
recess was enough to motivate for him to at least attend it.

The bus carried Barry and the other children off to school,
where Barry will confront another difficult day. What will the
day bring? Barry wondered with a backpack full of textbooks,
papers, and pencils. He knew he didnt do his language arts
homework yesterday despite his teachers warning. Mr.
Notwen, Barrys teacher, is a kind and fair teacher but often
chides Barry because he knows it will affect his grade and
The homework is just too hard, the words dont make sense,
and its boring. No matter how hard I try, it doesnt work for
me I hate 3rd grade. grumbles Barry.

Hiya Barry! two voices spoke in unison behind Barry

which made him jump from his seat a bit.
A young boy and girl were smiling as they looked at him,
eagerly awaiting their best friends response.
Hey, guys, replied Barry.
Whats wrong? You look glum. Jackson asked. Yea,
whats wrong? chirped in Rachel.
Nothing, just didnt do my homework. Barry spoke
Oooooh. Rachel ominously said. Mr. Notwen isnt going
to be happy with you. He said someone is going to talk
with you if you didnt do your homework again. Maybe its
Principal Henderson and you would be in trouble.
Rachel is probably right, but Mr. Notwen looked more
worried than angry, added Jackson. Dont worry, Mr.
Notwen probably cant do much more other than send
another note home.
Barry didnt really feel much better, he hated those sent
notes since his mother hasnt been able to help him
either. Whats worse, the bus has now arrived at the
school and Barry must now face his teacher.

Barry, Rachel, and Jackson all arrived together to

their classroom, with Mr. Notwen sitting at his
Everyone, please turn in your language arts
homework. Mr. Notwen spoke with a calm yet
firm voice.
Everyone turned their work, including Rachel and
Jackson. Mr. Notwen then asked for Barrys work.
Have you done your homework, Barry? Mr.
Notwen said.
No, sir Barry flatly responded.

Alright, its time you spoke with someone. sighed Mr. Notwen.
What do you mean? questioned Barry.
Go to the office and tell the secretary that I sent you, she will
know what to do
Barry took the hall pass, quietly waved goodbye to Rachel and
Jackson, and walked sadly to the office.
As Barry walked down the hallway, he wanted to leave school
at that moment; he wanted to play at recess. But he couldnt
because he knew he would get into trouble, so he remembered
what his mother told him when he felt the need to make
impulsive choices.
You need to be mindful of the consequences. Think of how
your actions can affect others. Once you think about it: breathe
and breathe again until you make the right choice, Barrys
mother advice sang as it ringed in his mind.
Barry felt better, more assured and carried on into the office.

Barry arrived at the front office where the secretary

would be. He speaks to the secretary who then
directs him to principals office. As soon as Barry
enters, he sees two people. One person is Principal
Henderson, and the second person is someone
whom Barry does not recognize.
Barry, this is Mrs. Lewinsky, shes here to assist and
tutor you due to the problems youve been having in
Mr. Nontwens class. Mrs. Henderson spoke calmly
and seriously.
How do you do? asked Mrs. Lewinsky.
Im fine. nervously responded Barry.
Lets take a trip to my office where we can discuss
your challenges. Mrs. Henderson, may we?
requested Mrs. Lewinsky.
Yes, of course. replied Mrs. Henderson.

Barry and Mrs. Lewinsky sat down in her office where they talked about Barrys
challenges at school.
I think I have what you need to become more successful. Mrs. Lewinsky said with a
Mrs. Lewinsky shows and explains to Barry many different strategies he could use to
become successful.
One tool that Barry can use is called a Reading Focus Card that can blocks the
surrounding words from the page in order to focus on only a few words at a time. It
looks like a small, opaque card that has a single slit opening which allows the reader
to see isolated words. This is helpful as it can be less stressful to read a few words at
a time rather than a lot of words all at once.
Mrs. Lewinsky will also give Barry a collection of transparent color overlays.
Transparent color overlays are colored sheets that you can see through. Some
children have difficulty reading words on white paper and using a chosen color on
top of the white paper can make the letters sharper.
Mr. Notwen has informed me you also have trouble being attentive in class;
oftentimes getting up from your chair to see other classes play outside during
recess, is that correct?
Yes. Barry sheepishly said.
I think I will talk to Mr. Notwen about a positive reward system for you. Mrs.
Lewinsky mused.
A positive reward system is when someone is being rewarded for following
directions. For example, rather than being punished for inappropriate deeds, a
person is only rewarded for remaining on task. This can help anyone who has trouble

I think so too, but you can ALSO help them when they are
learning too. replied Mrs. Lewinsky.
How? questioned Barry.
Mrs. Lewinsky smiled warmly and said this.
You and all children are unique, special, and capable to
achieve all your dreams. Help each other when another
faces the dark. Dont let your own challenges become your
limiting factor; let it become your will.