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Check List for Mathematics Exploration

A Communication

B Mathematical

C Personal Engagement

D Reflections

E Use of Mathematics

A relevant introduction
Stated a focused aim
Explain why your research
question is interesting, has
personal significance or an
important area of
The work has logical
Diagrams, tables and
graphs are in the appropriate
Explanations & calculations
are complete
(2 sample calculations per
method and avoid repetition)
The work is concise (brief &
to the point)
A conclusion that links back
to the research question.

Defined key terms

No calculator notations
Used appropriate notations
Named & labeled all
figures, graphs and tables
Used many forms of
mathematical presentations
Provide appropriate
reference & citation*

Analyzed the problem from

different perspectives
Provided self-constructed
examples to explain relevant
Carried out relevant
simulations or testing of a
particular phenomenon
Collected own data that are
sufficient in quality and
Actively searched or
provided modifications to a
mathematical method under
investigation or model to
correspond closer to intuition
or reality
Provided original and/or
creative solutions/analysis to
a particular problem

Evaluated the strengths,

weaknesses or limitations of
the method used
Discussed how changes to
your assumptions could
affect the result
Discussed how changes in
parameters could affect your
Interpreted all results in
the context of your task
Discussed how closely your
obtained result/method
corresponds to reality or
Analyzed any discrepancy
in your result/method to that
in reality or intuition
Compared the efficiency or
effectiveness of competing
Discussed any impact of
this result/method may have
on you and/or your

Used relevant mathematics

that commensurate to or
beyond the IB syllabus of
your course
All calculations are correct
All theorems are used
Showed good
understanding in using
relevant mathematical
Showed good
understanding in using
challenging mathematical
Mathematically analyzed a
problem from different
Discovered underlying
structures to link different
areas of mathematics
Made mathematical
arguments and did
calculations with clear logic
and language
Used an appropriate level
of accuracy at all times
No error

* Please see document on Academic Honesty and Reference.