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ESC Board Room
Monday, May 17, 2010

Our mission is to ensure quality learning today for tomorrow!

Work Session - 5:30 PM

1. Leadership Report on School Goals
2. Construction Project Update

Public Hearing - 7:30 PM

1. Call to Order
2. Roll Call
3. Verification of publication
4. Public and written comments
5. Amend Budget for 2009-10
6. Plans, specifications, and bids for Prairie Heights playground project
7. Adjourn

Regular Meeting - Immediately following Public Hearing

1. Call to Order
2. Roll Call
3. Verification of Meeting Notice
4. Approve or amend agenda
5. Citizen comments and requests to speak to any agenda item
6. Approve minutes, bills, and financial summaries
7. Informational items:
A. Board recognition: Prairie Point Music teacher Kelly Truax for exemplary efforts in creating high quality vocal
music experiences and providing extended opportunities for the students at Prairie Point. Student Riley
Freilinger for outstanding efforts in organizing the junior/senior earth day project with Living Land and Waters
B. Alliant Energy Efficiency Award
C. Board member recognition
D. NWEA MAP Report Analysis Measures of Academic Progress
E. Staffing Report
8. Consent Items
A. Personnel Matters
B. Open Enrollment
C. Student teaching agreements
D. Early graduation requests
E. Activity sharing agreement with CCA
F. Opportunity 1 grant renewal
G. Requests for student travel
9. New Business
A. Change Order - Prairie Point Project
B. Prairie Heights Playground Project Bids
C. Energy efficient gym lighting proposals
D. Contract ratification for 2010-11 – Teamster’s affiliated groups
E. Wages/rates for ECC employees and confidential employees
F. ECC Handbooks
G. Administrative salary ranges for 2010-11
H. First reading of revised policy 801.2 (Fiscal Management), 803.7 (Inventories), 803.8 (Student Activity
Accounts), new regulation 803.8R (Student Activity Accounts),1005.2 (Student Fund Raising Activities), and
new regulation 1005.2R (Student Fund Raising Activities)
I. Closed session: To discuss whether to conduct a hearing or to conduct hearings to suspend or
expel a student(s) as allowed by Iowa Code 21.5(e).
J. Immediately following the meeting the Board will hold a Negotiation Strategy Session which is exempt from the
Opening Meetings law under section 20.17 of the Code of Iowa.
10. Next Regular Meeting: June 21, 2010 - 5:30 & 7:30 PM
11. Adjourn

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