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DeSoto 1

Alex DeSoto
English 101A make sure these are 1 inch margins..
Dr. Bose
Paper 3
23 April, 2016
Detrimental Determination
Dean Saxton who refers to himself as Brother Dean is no
stranger to a diverse set of genre tools to exploit his presence and
purpose to the University of Arizona students. On a daily basis Saxton
can be found open air preaching at Heritage Hill, while displaying crude
propaganda posters as he ridicules passing students. By using these textual
genres as social constructs to educate the public on his worldly views, Brother Dean
attempts to provide his audience with the word of God using rhetorical analysis to clearly
convey the purpose for his social activities. Brother Dean uses these profane
posters as well as his radical online presence as tools to advocate his
The true challenge Brother Dean is consistently faced with is:
how to get his message through to the audience. He has mastermind
several strategies that he uses as social constructs to have his purpose
understood, and they are frequently seen in his daily rallies and
blogging post. These constructs assist him in conveying his ideas in an
assertive fashion, and
Add 2 in paragraph on social constructs and his worldly view

DeSoto 2
Secondary research how have either 1 or 2 used an agenda of
sorts to educate the public.
His posters, which are often vulgar and deeming raise crowds for
a short period of time and are often his gateway into getting an
audience to observe his speeches. Quite understandably, college
students are attracted to Dean Saxton because of the offensive and
uncommon site of a person attempting these acts in public. His posters
have an array of harassing quotes such as You Deserve Rape and
You Are A Whore which are regularly used to chastise girls who are
passing by. Secondary research to help support arguments like thisHe
frequently expresses his strong opinions on sex and rape during his
speeches, and even confronts people in the audience to make an
example of as he ridicules them. The topics he speaks on commonly
refer back to the purpose of the posters present explain in more detail
couple sent., which he uses as a key rhetorical factor in his
persuasions. He has tried using music and other props to attract
crowds, but his main source of popularity comes from his abusive signs
that are usually made of nothing more than a poster board and some
black paint. Brother Dean successfully capitalizes on these rallies as a
public genre to make claims and receive a reaction from the crowd.
From my research and observations, the majority of his attention when
making posters is focused on ridiculing students, particularly females
for their clothing, promiscuity, and composition. He feels that this is his

DeSoto 3
purpose at the University of Arizona is to preach out against the sin of
immodesty (Vice), and Dean strongly wants to fulfill that obligation.
Explain source by introducing full name of author, and article
Brother Dean has also found additional platforms to attract an
audience for his chaos. He has continued to find new ways to appeal
his beliefs and in doing so has resorted to twitter to continue his
repulsive abuse online. He makes many obnoxious statements about
religious beliefs, radical thinkers, womens rights, and bisexuals on his
twitter page and has allured well over a thousand followers to his page.
The purpose behind designing his twitter was to attract an online
crowd, by reaching out to those who cannot experience him speak first
hand. Explain intent audience, purpose more in depth add more
secondary research to support that argument The majority of his
twitter audience happens to be University students who hear about or
see his uncivil acts and take interest in learning more. He incorporates
videos, pictures, links, and hash tags as genre to involve his twitter
followers even more on the topic being criticized. A lot of the material
on his page could be considered detrimental to some viewers and in
my opinion should be screened or blocked for the consideration of the
public. Although seemingly extreme and spontaneous, Saxtons
message is well thought out before he publishes anything online. He
takes into account his purpose as well as the desired audience
whenever he makes a public claim. The unconventional purpose for
each claim varies, but a strong central purpose of wanting people to

DeSoto 4
adhere to the Bibliographical way God wants us to live and act remains
the same. With multiple publications a day, Saxton at times goes on
rampages about his belief on these controversial topics. This twitter
platform has been a very useful tool for Brother Dean to continue
generating popularity, and it plays a vital roll in his mission.
-should I add in interview questions and answers?
-add paragraph about his website, I noticed other people are
explaining the textual makeup of what is being published on like ink
color, size, format, is that what your looking for? Yes, gateway from
twitter to learn more on website. Explain design features of what he
uses whether website rally or twitter.
Review what a good works cited page looks like and how to
incorporate sources effectively.
-should I include the Adolf Hitler or trump comparison? Maybe
talk about violence at rallies. All arguments supported by resources.
-start with quote, bible verse that contradicts what he says. Bring
it back in the conclusion possibly. Chapter 21 mla style and formatting
help in textbook. Chapter 19 how to integrate sources into your draft.
JTC section on intros and conclucsion look over before writing
Check Arizona daily star and daily wildcat or databases and look
up hate speech, rallies, campaign rhetoric to find good sources. Check
the guiardian and NYTimes for Donald trump violence at rallies.
Ideas: He thinks about event and what message might be
appropriate and then he goes and preaches it. In the bible it says, You
are either for me or against me Wednesdays important day.
Communicate to people the word of Jesus Christ. Get reaction and

DeSoto 5
ultimately convert people. He is doing a miserable job of converting
but a great job getting reactions he believes that the qualities that are
displayed on this campus they are deserving, asking, and responsible
for rape, the rape etc.. many times people protest back against him
and stand in front of his speeches with signs going against what he is
saying, signs that he is holding. Unchanged.org petition to get him
kicked out. Considers it a hobby that is trying to avoid people from hell.
Police have been called for his safety more times than the safety of
others. He has been hit, has hit shirt ripped, had food thrown at him.
He believes what he is talking about, even with all the criticism he
receives on his views. Some consider it more of an exciting. He
believes he is a living sign from god. Is fine being alone, it is a cost he
believes he has to pay to live by the word of god.
Another communal web platform that Brother Dean has used as
a publishing source for his
Uses has caused in the local community
With his locally known occupation being an extremist protestor at
the University of Arizona, Dean Saxton post online updates and
successfully organizes rallies as a public genre to make claims.


DeSoto 6
What many dont know is he is a student just like anyone
else having to deal with his abuse. His cleverness has assisted
him in figuring out rhetorical strategies that allow him to legally
sermonize his feelings.
Central claim: Brother Dean uses profane posters as well as his
radical online presence as tools to advocate his personal
religious views. With his locally known presence as a radical
protestor at the University of Arizona, Dean Saxton post updates
and organizes rallies as a genre to make claims
1. Introduction
a. Intro of Bro Dean: background of his past/where he came
b. Thesis: what he uses to gain attention in the community
i. How he uses his platform
ii. Possibly start with bible verse that contradicts what
he says
2. First Body Paragraph (Relate each start/end of body back to
thesis) : Posters
a. Goals of these posters: attention? Social media attraction?
b. Readers: audience/UA students and faculty
c. End paragraph with rule of logic
3. Second: Twitter / documentaries
4. Third: Website
5. Conclusion
a. Thesis