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Ms. Jan Smith, Sales Representative, Showroom Logic


Jacob Langhamer, Communications Coordinator, Showroom Logic


October 31, 2014


Media Analysis

Publication Name:

Agri Marketing

Issues Examined:

April, 2014

After evaluating the April, 2014 edition of Agri Marketing, there were 16
members on the editorial staff that participated in the development of the magazine. There are
approximately 13 articles per issue. The majority of the articles included in the median of the
Agri Marketing magazine reported numerous results of the national NAMA competition, as well
as provided general information regarding the organization. In addition to information about
NAMA, articles also focused on agricultural and rural broadcasting topics, CAMA updates,
insights from Purdue University on lessons in loyalty, and an insight on recruiting. Most articles
are written thoroughly in regular column format, with the exception of one or two articles that
are written in sections.
As for the artwork exhibited in Agri Marketing, all photos are in color and various pieces
display a caption describing the relevance of the picture. There appears to be a moderate amount
of artwork throughout the entire magazine, with the exception of a few articles that are strictly
just print. Although there are not photos of most writers who partook in the development of Agri
Marketing, there are a few photos of freelance writers who shared their experiences and beliefs
in the magazine. The design of the magazine can be considered traditional due to the color
choice of the artwork and specific subjects directed to a narrow audience. The color green that is
displayed on the back cover page of the magazine is known to represent nature, and can
symbolize growth, fertility, harmony and freshness, which compliments the components of
agriculture very well. As for the front cover photo on Agri Marketing, the photo displays a sunset
over a rural area with a caption that describes hard work and dedication to the agriculture
Advertising: There are approximately 37 pages per issue of Agri Marketing with
advertisements that cover areas such as agriculture-related networks, broadcasts, media,
businesses, marketing, and communications. There are approximately 24 pages that support full
page advertisements from many loyal advertisers of Agri Marketing. All advertisements are in
color, and display vivid images supporting their agency or company. Three major advertisers in
Agri Marketing are Farm Journal Media, High Plains Journal, and Purdue University. These
three advertisers have been in an abundant amount of Agri Marketing magazines, spending
thousands of dollars each issue to support Agri Marketing and deliver a message representing
their organization and establishment.

Circulation: About 8,000 subscribers receive the magazine that is published nine times per
year throughout the United States and Canada. The cover fee for United States citizens is $49
for one year, and $82 for two years. To qualify for a subscription, one is to provide a name,
phone number, an accurate address, and pay the fee depending on the particular subscription they
wish to uphold.
Targeted Audience: The Agri Marketing publication serves all subscribers news in all those
interested in agribusiness, marketing, sales and communications manager, their ad/PR agencies,
ag trade associations and the ag media. An article informing others of a career in journalism may
appeal to the current targeted audience, as well as an article informing the audience on a career in
entrepreneurship in regards to agriculture.
Final Analysis:
Agri Marketing is the magazine of choice due to my former involvement
with the organization NAMA. I began showing great interest in this particular magazine while I
attended Texas A&M University earning a degree in Agriculture Communications and
Journalism because I was expecting to seek employment in the field of sales and marketing.
Therefore, my entire collegiate career centered on this magazine during any downtime that I had
from all organizations and classes that I was involved in during my time at Texas A&M
University. Being that you will be a Sales Representative for one of the most prestigious
automotive companies in the United States, I thought a well descripted analysis of this magazine
would benefit your sales techniques. Therefore, I hope you enjoyed learning about the sales and
marketing strategies displayed in Agri Marketing, and hope you have a long and prosperous
career at Showroom Logic.