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Making Offers:

• Shall I help you with your luggage?

• Would you like me to check this computer for errors?
• I'll buy you a coke. Shall I?
• What/ Where/ Which ... would you like me to...?
• Do you want me to post that letter for you?
• I’ll be glad to help…
Accepting an offer:

• How kind of you! Thank you very much.

• That’s very good of you!
• That’s terribly kind. Thank you very much.
• Yes, please do.
• What a good idea!
• Yes, please.
• Thanks. That would be excellent.
• Yes.

Refusing or rejecting an offer:

• It’s all right thanks. I can manage that alone!

• I’m all right, thank you.
• No, thank you, I’ll just take a taxi…
• That’s really kind of you, but there’s no need.
• No, please don't bother.
• No, thank you.