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Correa 1

Sean Correa
English 9 Honors Period 3
3 March 24
Success; accomplishment; achievement; happiness; ambition; desire.
Desire is what motivates us as a society towards a brighter future. It is the desire to
succeed and exceed the expectations brought to us by our predecessors. It is not
only as a whole that we are motivated to achieve such goals; it is the need and
want that pushes us as individuals to strive for our goals and dreams. Since the
beginning of man and the beginning of time, it is mankinds mission to follow such a
path put before us by our ambitions. Our ambition is our motivation and
responsibility to reach and achieve our desires.
In the beginning, mankind held simple ambitions; these ambitions
eventually allowed their primitive states to evolve into a more modern and superior
species. At first, it wasnt a wish to become more evolved but a need. Similar to
Brazils Global Ambitions and how for nearly a decade, the country had benefited
from Asias enormous appetite for its commodities(Trinkunas) which allowed Brazil
to build their country from the ground up in a slow, yet successful manner. In the
beginning, Earth was flourishing with all walks of life. However it was this nature,
this life, and this beauty that overwhelmed our kind. While nature was beautiful and
glorious, it still treated its inhabitants without regard to their needs. Its said time
and time again that Mother Nature is brutal; how its an unrivaled force that cannot
be conquered. When mankind was confronted with the conditions of cold nights,
game competition, and overall lack of safety,

Correa 2
humans needed to create for themselves a mindset that could stand against Mother
ruthless force. Throughout the ages humans began to realize their ambitions and
expand upon the simple creations such as a fire into more sophisticated inventions
like the automobile. [And] after accomplishing these goals on survival, society
continued to move forward and broaden their possibilities.
Moving into todays world where we as individuals now exist, there is now
a whole new domain of struggles that we have to deal with in a sense where we
have to find happiness, find our own identities, and find our purpose in the world.
Im sure that all of us are faced with obstacles that interfere with our daily lives and
even affect our life long goals. Yes at times you will feel stuck, you will feel anger
and fear, and yes you will feel sadness; like I do everyday as I adventure through

my daily routine. However, dont let these insignificant emotions get you down.
Every time we feel sad or cry we always end up a better person in the end; just like
how at the end of every storm theres a rainbow with a sun waiting to be
reintroduced into the world. And as long as you stay positive and keep moving
forward youll notice that the smallest things will make the greatest impact. Such as
African American initiatives who aim to improve the climate. They depend on
effective and ongoing collaboration (Berkeley News) among all of their team to
improve the Earths climate in small increments at a time.
On the other opposing side of all of this, some individuals distinguish
ambition as a negative towards our lives because of the probability that it could
make us self-centered, unpredictable, and uncontrollable. In the article Is Too Much
Ambition Making You Miserable?

Correa 3
it states how ambitious members of society show mixed (Stillman) results on
their personal well-being. Although its not that people choose to take the dark path
of ambition, theyre just not disciplined enough to control their own actions like all
humans should be able to do.
As the world changes, we adapt. As time goes on we learn. As we get
pushed down we pick ourselves back up. Always strive to be a better individual
person as it will benefit your well-being in the future and always desire to be a more
successful person than you were the day before.