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Reynold Kajiwara

E-Mail: reynoldk@hawaii.edu

University of Hawaii at Manoa

Expected Graduation: May 2016

Bachelors of Arts and Sciences in Second Language Studies & Japanese

GPA: 3.6/4.0
Received the JASSO Scholarship (Fall 2013 Spring 2014)
Related Coursework:
Second Language Learning (SLS 302)
Second Language Teaching (SLS 303)
Techniques in Second Language Teaching: Reading and Writing (SLS 312)
Bilingual Education (SLS 408)
Pidgin & Creole English in Hawaii (SLS 430)
English Phonology (SLS 460)
Globalization and English Language Teaching (SLS 480P)
Practicum for Future Language Professionals (SLS 480P)
Second Language Research (SLS 480R)
Professionalism in SLS (SLS 485)
Second Language Testing (SLS 490)
Year in Japan Program

September 2013 June 2014

Study Abroad Student

Studied the Japanese language and culture abroad in Kobe, Japan for 9 months
Interacted with Japanese natives, students, teachers, and host family in both English and

Teaching Experience
Stevenson Middle School OP Student

August 2015 December 2015

Teachers Aide
Provide help with the beginner, intermediate, and advanced ELL classes at Stevenson Middle
Assist students with their school work such as classwork, homework, and other CORE subject
Observe and assist ELL students in CORE classes
Teach lessons in either small groups or the whole class
Hawaii Literacy Drop-In Center Tutor

October 2014 July 2015

Volunteer Tutor
Provide help with the ELL classes that Hawaii Literacy provides for free once a week for 2.5
Help tutor adult ELL students from various cultural backgrounds on current classwork or
lesson designed by self
Hawaii Literacy Adult Literacy Tutor

August 2014 April 2015

Volunteer Tutor
Tutoring lessons once a week for 2 hours to help improve students reading and writing
Make lesson plans discussing various topics to help the students English skills overall

ICS 101B Teachers Aides Assistant

January 2013 May 2013

Assistant to TA for ICS 101B Lab

Provide help to assigned ICS 101B Lab Teachers Aide
Help tutor ICS 101B students in designated after school lab for 3 hours once a week
Teach the basics of Adobe Photoshop ver. 2013
Assist ICS 101B students when troubled during class and help to get back on track

University of Hawaii at Manoa International Programs

January 2015 Present

Student Interchanger
Assist foreign students with their English conversational skills by discussing various topics
that enhance understanding, relations, and confidence in speaking abilities.
KUMON Center Tutor

August 2015 July Present

Reading and Mathematics Tutor

Provide help with the ESL classes that Hawaii Literacy provides for free once a week for 2.5
Help tutor adult ESL students from various cultural backgrounds on current classwork or
lesson designed by self

Japanese Culture Club at the University of Hawaii at Manoa

August 2014 Present

President Fall 2015 Spring 2016, Vice President Spring 2016, General Member Fall 2014
Plan, co-lead, and participate in general meetings and social events that has to do with
Japanese culture
Official liaison between the UH Manoa Japanese Department and external organizations
Japanese National Honor Society

March 2016 Present

College Chapter Member

Membership awarded for excellent academic performance in Japanese language courses (a
GPA of 3.5), as well as an overall GPA of higher than a 3.0 at the University of Hawaii at
Hawaii State Teachers Association

August 2015 Present

Student Member
Year in Japan Program Yearbook Committee

September 2013 June 2014

Committee Member, Photographer

With a committee of 3 people, helped compile photos of students overall experience of
studying abroad and created a yearbook with international students important memories
Write entries describing special events and field trips of YiJ Program
As a photographer, took landscape photos of Japan and responsible for Group Photos of
Students/Faculty of the YiJ Program + International Student Events
Konan University Kempo Club

September 2013 December 2013

General Member
Participate in martial arts practice 3 times a week
Communicate with other members only in Japanese
Learn about the art of Kempo through Japanese Instruction

Panelist at the Hawaii Department of Education (DOE) Principals Meeting
Student Representative for the University of Hawaii at Manoa
Shared perspective on the establishment of the Seal of Biliteracy in Hawaii Public Schools in
front of Hawaii Public Secondary school principals.
Deans List

Languages: English (Native speaker), Japanese (High-Intermediate), Korean (Beginner)
Computer: Comfortable in Mac or PC formats. Proficient in MS Word and MS Powerpoint. Familiar
with MS Excel and Adobe Photoshop

Professional Interests
Personable and Approachable
Strong Integrity
Hardworking and Dedicated
Personal Interests
Playing the Cello and Guitar
Reading Japanese Modern Literature
Japanese Animation and Manga

References available on request