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Issue #1


A Wealth of Resources Waiting

Just For You!!
This newsletter is being created to
help teachers find resources to help
with implementation of the Common
Core State Standards in Mathematics.
It can be overwhelming to search the
Internet for lessons and instructional
strategies, but there is SO MUCH out
there that can be used for the benefit
of our students. We hope this
newsletter will help give you easy
access to some very valuable


The Teaching Channel

Great Teaching, Inspiring Classrooms is the motto
of this extremely useful website. This website has
videos, Common Core resources, and lesson plans for

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LearnZillion Website
This website has resources aligned to the Common Core
State Standards for Mathematics. These resources
include instructional videos for students, techniques for
teachers, and the ability to assign online viewing of
videos and quizzes to check for comprehension.

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CCSS MATHEMATICS K-12 | Marlboro Central School District

The 8 Standards of Mathematical Practice


It is important to keep in mind that not all Standards of Mathematical Practice (SMPs) will be evident in every lesson you teach.
The ultimate goal is to incorporate all eight SMPs as you progress through a unit, or a series of lessons. One emphasis of the
Common Core State Standards that nicely lends itself to incorporating the SMPs is having students talk to each other about the
mathematics being studied in the classroom. Simple techniques that get students talking to each other can help you hit multiple
SMPs in one lesson. Examples of these strategies include Think-Pair-Share activities that get students talking to each other about
mathematics. Jigsaw activities where a groups task is divided into specific roles for each group member also force students to
communicate with each other, as the groups success depends on the effort of each individual.
Check out this Teaching Channel video for an illustration of incorporating the practice of Precision in the mathematics classroom:

The Teaching Channel

Videos that help teachers learn, connect, and inspire each other to improve the
outcomes for all K-12 students across America.

The Teaching Channel relies heavily on the input of teachers and has three simple goals:

Build professional learning resources that teachers want

Deepen and improve opportunities for teacher learning
Elevate and celebrate teachers in our society

Videos on a wide range of topics are available, including:

Student Motivation
Classroom Management
Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts and Mathematics
Perseverance and Problem Solving
Building Classroom Culture
and many more!!

CCSS MATHEMATICS K-12 | Marlboro Central School District

LearnZillion is a learning platform that combines video lessons, assessments, and progress reporting. Each lesson highlights a
Common Core standard, starting with math in grades 3-9. The LearnZillion Dream Team is also working on lessons for K-2
in Mathematics and for all grade levels in English Language Arts.
LearnZillion provides a database of Common Core-aligned instructional videos organized in a matrix by grade level and standard. A
folder icon next to a standard indicates that a series of videos are available for that standard. Each video includes the following

Lesson Slides All parts of a video can be downloaded as a Powerpoint presentation. This allows teachers to incorporate all
or some parts of the video into their classroom instruction.
Coachs Commentary This video is essentially the same visual that students will see, but the commentary is geared toward
teachers, including instructional techniques and ways to effectively use the LearnZillion videos in the classroom.
Guided Practice This shorter video gives students an additional example on the selected topic and prompts students to
pause the video at certain points to allow for individual completion of key steps in the problem.

Once you create your own account, you can also view help videos that provide tutorials on using the various aspects of the
LearnZillion website. You can also assign videos for students to view at home, and quizzes for students to complete. Student
progress on watching assigned videos and completing quizzes can be monitored by the teacher.
A template for a letter informing parents of the resources available at the LearnZillion website is also available. While it is not
necessary to use this specific letter to inform parents of this resource, it is a good idea to let parents know about any
resources used in the classroom as part of implementing the CCSS. The more parents know about what is going on in their
childs classroom, the more likely and able they will be to help not only their child do their job, but you do yours, as well!

Additional Web Resources

Click each icon to be directed to the various websites

CCSS MATHEMATICS K-12 | Marlboro Central School District

This website has a section dedicated to the implementation of the

CCSS called Common Core Works: From the Page to the
Classroom. There are pages dedicated to English Language Arts
and Mathematics:

Basal Alignment Project: Classroom tools for adapting

basal texts to the rigor of the Common Core in English
Language Arts and Literacy. Scroll to the bottom of the
page for directions on how to sign into Edmodo.
Math Progressions: Classroom tools and videos geared
toward the learning progressions prescribed by the CCSS
across grade levels.

We encourage you to send us submissions on the GREAT things

going on in your classroom, such as test taking tips, events
going on in your building, etc.

Please send any submissions to either of the following:

Robin Hecht, MCSD AFT Site Coordinator
John Marallo, MMS Mathematics Teacher & Department Chair

Learner Centered Assessment: Do Rubrics Enhance the Learning Experience?

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