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' is a simple but interesting story about two schoolchildren and their attitude to peer
achievements and relationships. The short story competition is won by Geoff and he wins the
Holmes-Watkins Medal. Lynne's story is placed second and she feels disappointed. However,
she learns to accept her failure and decides to let go. Then, she comes across a short story of
writer William Bradburie's story.
Immediately, Lynne assumes that Geoff has cheated and did not write his own story. She is in a
dilemma as to whether and how she should expose Geoff. During the class discussion on
careers, Lynne holds back exposing Geoff but later she inadvertently mentions the name
Bradburie and notices Geoff's reaction.
A few minutes later, she is called into Headmaster Velos's office and Geoff is there too with the
Holmes-Watkins Medal. Mr Velos explains that Geoff feels he might have taken his story from
Bradburie's collection. So, he decides to reverse the results and Lynne wins the prize. But,
Lynne is unhappy with the way the situation has turned out. She begins to have doubts about
her own story.

Characteristics of LYNNE WEBBINGS

-gracious in accepting defeat
-quick to jump to conclusions
-quick tempered



Originality is very important when you are doing innovative and creative work. However, every new
idea we produced might be inspired from somewhere. So, the question is that, does originality really
exist in this world? What do you think?
Notes on Cheat! by Allan Baillie

Author: Allan Baillie

Setting: The story took place in various places of an Australian school (e.g. hall, library, classroom,
corridor, principals office). It set in the modern and educated social background where people were
appreciate talent in writing.

(p.102) how do you create a character from a one-eyed, dumb red kelpie
From the word kelpie, which is a type of Australian breed dog, we made a guess that the story took
place in Australia.
Step by step guide in understanding the story
Announcement winner for the Holmes Walkins Medal

Lynne opened her eyes and gripped her seat


How was Lynne Webbings feel while she was waiting for the result?


What is Lynnes story about? And what is Geoffs story about?


Who won the medal?


How did Lynne feel after the result has announced?

Geoff Bolder and Lynne Webbings both wrote very fine short stories for the
medal Lynne felt her mouth moving Lynnes story about a sheepdog in a
flood was both exciting and moving. Geoffs story of a circus elephant running
loose in Albert Park
She made her way to Geoff as he came down from the dais with the medal and
congratulated him. She went home and everything tasted of cardboard that

Lynnes discovery

She read it again. And again. The tips of her ears prickled with anger He did
not write it at all, he just copied it down.

Why did Lynne feel angry?


What was Lynne thinking to do?

Please sir, Geoff beat me in the short story competition and I hate to lose. So I am
telling you how he cheated so you can give the medal to me
Lynnes explosion of anger

or Bradburie. The words exploded from Lynnes mouth in a sudden burst of


Why did Lynne suddenly shout Bradburie in the class?


What happens to the Bradburies book in the library?


Who has taken the book?

Later Lynne saw that all the Bradburie books had been taken from the school


Why was the book taken?

In the principal office

I read the book. Theres a story there about an elephant escaping in a park. It
is not much like Geoffs story, but Geoff feels he took the idea from the book
without realising it. He wants me to disqualify him for cheating
What do you think? A story of similar idea but a different story, is it consider cheating?

your story, Lynne, being entirely original, must be considered a little better
So, is Lynne considered as the winner of the medal now?

She began to wonder where it was that she had read a story about a sheepdog in a
Why is she doing that?