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MCT: Diane Tzovanis

MCT Lesson Observation

Feedback to student teacher
Student teachers name: Muna Abdulrahman
Unit/Lesson: (Middle of a lesson)

Grade Level: KG 2- B
Date: 21 March 2016

E= Excellent, G = Good, S = Satisfactory, M = Marginal and US = Unsatisfactory

Competency Area
Professionalism and Understanding
Professional growth
Planning for learning
Planning activities and lesson aims
Implementing and Managing Learning
Language and delivery
Classroom management
Communication skills
Monitoring and Assessment
Critical Reflection
Strengths of the lesson:




During the alphabet song, Muna mimics/models what her MST is doing (as she is
not leading this part of the lesson). Muna participates very actively and very
enthusiastically. Good!

Mona takes over the middle of the lesson.

When she makes her way to the different centers, Muna does a great job questioning
students and providing them with individualized support. She helps students
complete their tasks independently.

Resources were well prepared and the learning activities were relatively suitable for
the different levels.

Muna used English as the language of instruction. She rarely resorted to Arabic
translation. Great!

Muna has obviously established very good relationships with her students. They
respect her and they like working under her leadership. Muna is patient and caring;
she also demonstrates great confidence in front of the class and she is able to instill a
very positive and productive atmosphere.

Muna appeared very comfortable in this context: with a little more experience
(especially in classroom management), I know that she will make an excellent
teacher! She understands teaching and learning, and she is a natural at working with

Areas for development:

When she takes over from her MST, Muna sends students to their respective centers
and THEN proceeds to give (lengthy) instructions to each group, separately. The
result is that many students are waiting some wait quite a while - for Muna with
nothing to do (no instructions even to get started).
Why not have given students at least a few instructions so that they could begin their
respective activities (before sending them off to their centers)?
Also, some reminders related to rules and procedures should always be given to
students before sending them off to work independently.

Many students stood and went to Muna to show her their work, after they had
finished. This can eventually make classroom management very challenging. Hence,
Muna should have instructed students about what to do after completing the task
earlier in the lesson.