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Chanson D’Amour Words & Music by Wayne Shanklin Medium rock tempo BP co cm? F7 =" Chan - son ie mur ra da da da da, play | en core; Here in my heart F7 Fe Bb m7 F7 = ra,da da dada, more and more, Chan - son ee moun eee ra dada da da, Ft Bb D7 G7 67090) cm je t’a-dore, —___ Each time I hear = ra dada da da, chanson,_ chanson _ d’a-mour, —__ — Ev-'ry time I hear chanson, — chanson — d’a-mour. ‘© Copyright 1958 Thundecbird Music Incorporated, USA. ‘Carlin Music Corporation, Iron Brdge House. 3 Bridge Approach, London NWI for the territory of United Kingdom of Great Britain & Norther ireland, Eire and the British Dominions, Colonies, Overseas Territories & Dependencies (excluding Canada, Australia & New Zealand), {All Rights Reserved, International Copyright Secured,