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Shauna Anderson

EDUC 450
Lesson 2 - French 2
Le Comparatif
Data Analysis
Below is the data I collected at the end of my lesson on the comparative. The ticket out
the door was to write 2 sentences using the comparative. Then I asked them to selfevaluate on how well they understood todays lesson. I also asked them where they
needed clarification. The last part was asking them for feedback on how well I did/what I
could do differently.
From the data collected, I learned that 3 students understood at least 70% of the
lesson. 8 students rated themselves at an 80% comprehension and 6 students felt
theyd mastered the new material at 100%.
With the data collected going forward, the first thing I will do is to make a ppt with a
selection of the sentences below that need to be fixed and have them do a warm-up
activity with a partner and correct the sentences. Then I will do a brief re-teach of the
comparative asking students that didnt master it to pose questions to those students
that did master it so that they can teach each other and resolve any clarification issues.
Finally, I will have them write 2 more sentences on their own on a white board so that I
can do one last formative assessment.

Write a short phrase using the comparative from today's lesson. You may use your
notes.(17 responses)
Ricky est est plus grand que madame preston.
La pizza et plus grande que le fraises
Morgan Freeman est moins intelligent que moi.
le cafe est plus cher que la pizza.
Ma mere est plus grande que mon pere
Le anana est plus delicieux que l'ail

Sanne est plus jolie que Donald Trump

Les legumes sont moins bon que les fruits
Le anana est grand plus que le pomme.
ma banane est plus verte que ta banane.
La pizza est plus bonne que les legumes.
Une citron vert est plus saine que le chocolat chaud
Je suis plus intelligente que hana.
Le cafe est plus chaude que le lemonade.
La fraise est bonne et saine que la laitue.
Le the est plus chaud que la lemonade.
un banan est aussi delicieux que un anana.
Write a short phrase using the comparative from today's lesson. You may use your
notes.(17 responses)
le pizza est plus delicieux que un salad.
La fraises et plus petite que le pizza
Jimmy Neutron est plus vite que un lion.
La femme est plus grande que le garcon.
Le legumes est plus sain que le chocolat
le pomme est moins grand que le anana
Jimmy Neutron est plus petite que Kala.
La pizza est moins chere que le cafe
La pizza est moins chere que le cafe et la pizza est plus grand que le cafe.
ma pomme est plus verte que ta pomme.
La femme est aussi vielles que le garcon.
ume pomme de terre est moind delicieux que un biscuit
La pomme et plus delicious que des petits pois.
Le pizza est aussi delicieuse le hamburger
Kala est mois intelligente que Hana.
Un steak est aussi delicieux que un hamburger.
Un porc est plus frais que les fruits.

How well do you feel that you understand the comparative?



What was your favorite part of today's lesson?(17 responses)

The Mad Lips
The Mad Lips
The Jimmy Neutron/mad libs part!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I liked the mad libs the most because it was funny.
The Mad Lib
Madame Anderson is very funny and great at what she does. She made this lesson very
fun and easy to understand.
My favorite part was the Mad Libs
Writing about pizza
mad lib
the fun games helped me learn this better
I liked using the white boards.
Learning this and being productive
Using the white boards.
The interactive sentences. (Saying them out loud and participating.)
mad libs
What do you still need clarification on?(17 responses)
nothing much, i just need to practice
I need clarification on what an adverb is versus a verb.
I don't need any clarification.
Nothing! Madame Anderson was very clear!
some of the grammer for adjectives
I really do think that I understand this really really well.

I don't need any clarification

More practices would be good, but so far so good
nothing that i know of
Whn to use the adverb and when to use the adjective.
nothing really just some more practice
Remembering the order they come in
Nothing really, I feel pretty confident.
nothing much, just practive

What suggestions or comments do you have for Madame Anderson?(17 responses)

nothing! you did very good
tres bien!
I really enjoyed this lesson.
Absolutely nothing! She was just perfect!
The lesson was very engaging
You're great! You're going to make an amazing teacher!
Madame Anderson should teach more
Do this again
it was fun
I had fun in class today with your activities.
you did really amazing
I really enjoy your teaching and lessons
She did perfect :)
You did very well.
You are awesome and teach well. :)
a little more english