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Service Learning

Group Members Names: Terrin Strickland and Danny Huynh

Mrs. Henry
Per. 4

Debates Preparation
Topic: America is The World's Policemen
Your Position: Con
Framework: How do your Premises lead to the conclusion?
Major Premise 1: We need to fix our own country's problems
Minor Premise 1: spend too much on military instead of things that could
benefit our country
Minor Premise 2: Stop police brutality in America before you police anyone
Minor Premise 3: More than 45 million people in America live in poverty

Major Premise 2: America is using a lot of money and costing a lot of

American lives to help other wars and countries problems that we
shouldnt be involved with.
Minor Premise 1: Its unaffordable and dangerous, and also its causing a
huge danger to American homeland and or to allies we trade or travel with.
Minor Premise 2: What are we even fighting for to be in someone elses
country when we have no business to be there in the first place.
Minor Premise 3: Americas and the worlds economy would collapse and be
a wreck.


Major Premise 3:When we get involved we create war

Minor Premise 1:
unless a terrorist has threatened the home land then military conflict shouldnt be
used with other countries

Minor Premise 2: We lose lots of lives for what reason? We send troops into
the worst conditions to fight a war that is not our own.
Minor Premise 3: If we are meant to resolve the problem it shouldnt take
years and years of fighting. We are losing billions of dollars, millions of lives,
and the wars are not resolved

Conclusion- America shouldnt be involved in other countries because it cost money, we need to
fix our own problems, and we create conflicts instead of resolving them.

Planning the Structure of the Debate:

Who is presenting what and when? Indicate a name next to each section so I know who is
doing what.
Opening Statement: 3 min Terrin

1st Rebuttal: 2 min Danny

2nd Rebuttal: 2 min Terrin

Prep for my side of

385 people were killed by police within the first 5 months of 2015. Thats close to two a day.
965 people were killed that year. 90 were unarmed. 564 had a gun. 281 had another weapon.
Racism still exist in the US. February 7th,2013 Mississippi finally bans slavery.

As of October 1, 2015, there have been 2,326 U.S. military deaths in the War in Afghanistan. 1,856
of these deaths have been the result of hostile action. 20,083 American servicemembers have also

been wounded in action during the war.


In addition, there were 1,173 U.S. civilian contractor


Build on this argument.

Answer me this question. Do you think America should focus on its own problems before
handling world affairs?