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Antonio Bethea
Mrs. Hensel
English 4
Service Learning Annotated Bibliography
Question: How does one benefit from coaching a sport?
Thesis: The learn responsibility, gain self-esteem, and confidence just by coaching.
Gyllensten, KristinaPalmer, Stephen. "Increased Employee Confidence: A
Benefit Of
Coaching." Coaching Psychologist 10.1 (2014): 36-39. Psychology
and Behavioral Sciences Collection. Web. 17 Mar. 2016.
This article is about how coaching can benefit you in your everyday life.
Coaching can help in a lot of other ways than just kids. Coaching can also be
beneficial to the coach. It could benefit coaches by having self-confidence rise
amongst the coach so not only are they trying to encourage, and push students to
be more but theyre also doing it for themselves to. Another positive thing coaching
brings is more assertive behaviour. May not sound like anything special but as a
major role model for some kids it leaves a pretty positive effect. Thats not the only
thing either coaching can help outside of the workplace involving their personal
experiences as well.
Leonard-Cross, Elouise. "Developmental Coaching: Business Benefit -- Fact
Or Fad?
An Evaluative Study To Explore The Impact Of Coaching In The
Workplace." International Coaching Psychology Review 5.1 (2010): 36-47.
Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection. Web. 17 Mar. 2016.
This source is about coaching benefiting in the business world. Though similar in
some cases with sports they both have different views when it come to certain
things. Even though coaching sounds like someone who controls a team or barks
orders at team players thats completely wrong in this case. Coaching doesnt just
come from the main power house or the leader of the group. Coaching can come
from every single person in a work environment and it should. Data based from this
source indicates that it is important for every individual to have the skill and
requirements needed to work well in a business. Those skills and requirements can
come from coaching and can be enhanced with the partners.
Wattie, Christine. "Coaching Leaders: Keys For Success." NZ Business +
Management 29.8
(2015): M27. MasterFILE Premier. Web. 17 Mar. 2016.

This article focuses on what you can get out of coaching, the difference in
coaching and mentoring, and some very interesting key facts that even I didnt
know. First off there are two major key parts of coaching. Relationship and client
motivation are the major factors of coaching. If you have good relationship and
client motivation then not only are you a social person but event adults themselves
get motivation from coaches. There are a lot of areas that cover exactly what
coaching can do for you but this source gives you what coaching is unlike any other